Eden of the East – The Ladies Love Johnny

edenoftheeast_01-01 edenoftheeast_01-00
edenoftheeast_01-02 edenoftheeast_01-03

Wow, this Episode was better than I thought it was going to be…seeing as the character designs look like those from Honey and Clover, I was ready for a laid back slice-of-life school life romance kinda anime, which is pretty good in my opinion. But instead I got an anime with some conspiracy, memory erasing, terrorism, secret agents [?], and public nudity! {Kinda reminded me of Doll House…though I’ve only seen one episode of it…the premise was kinda the same..though no nekkid Eliza Dushku…>_> }

Pretty interesting though, one of the better first episode this season.

4 thoughts on “Eden of the East – The Ladies Love Johnny

  1. It is indeed unique and at the same time disturbing for a girl to still be with a guy who has streaked around town. I mean for Chris’ sake would you really stand and talk comfortably next to a nudist? I would talk but I wouldn’t be comfortable, that’s for sure.

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