[Filler] I Hate Trap Fan-Art…


No, not this type of Fan-Art, to be more specific…H Trap Fan-Art…

There’s nothing more scarring than seeing a seemingly full clothed [trap] fan-art and suddenly seeing that special extra attribute that makes the trap a trap… ”’orz

[NSFW]The image in question.[NSFW]

Well, I guess it’s that surprise that makes the trap so ‘exciting’…Damn Traps…>_>

But you know…it’s my fault, I should have seen it coming…I mean, I was browsing the H part of the imageboard… ”’orz

21 thoughts on “[Filler] I Hate Trap Fan-Art…

  1. @Kairu Ishimaru: My exact reaction…

    @Aizen: No…no it wouldn’t…at the contrary, it’ll make it 1% worse…>_>

    @Haesslich: WHAT IS ANIME TURNING ME INTO!?!?! >_<

    @Keiri: Would that cure me of shotacon-itis?

    @TheBigN: Yes…I’m weak…I haven’t seen enough pen*ses to have an immunity to the ‘surprise’… -_-

    : I’m slowly but surely venturing into the dark depths of the internets.

    @Tommy: Deserved it I did…

    @phossil: Yup, with little brother and everything! ;)

  2. Not that bad. I´ve seen worse :p

    But then again. There are very few things that are drawn and not real that disturb me. There are some things surely enough, but this was not one of them

    It is more /d/ material that I have problems with…

  3. @TheBigN: If I know it’s there I’m completely fine…it’s when it gets me by surprise when I get “uncomfortable”! ^_^’

    @manga: I seen worse too…guro…but I just decided to post this out of boredom…>_>

    @Shin: …

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  5. Ho, ho, ho! Welcome to the dark side of the internet (I guess :p) ENJOY the discomfort & unpleasantness . Hell is a much more worse place to visit :)

  6. Damn….its not that I hate traps but the concept of finding out in the end.
    I mean WTF one of the most disturbing revealing was from “H2o footprints on the sand”. damn you!!!!! btw can anyone here name the first Trap in anime history??

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