53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Songs {Winter ’09}


OU! It’s time for another installment of my favorite Anime Songs of the previous season!

This season’s OP/ED theme kinda came at me from behind. When I first listened to them, I thought they would even make this list here…but after some time, these songs came from behind, grew on me, and made up most of this list. The first five actually! ^_^

So let’s get movin’!

10 Uchuu ha Shoujo no Tomodachi sa

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo Ending Song || TRANSLATION

I love groups songs. They’re so fun and lively. But what I like most, is that they’re always listenable. Yes, even song with a not so great singer. :)

FYI: The name “Makino Yui” helped in the choice!! ;)

09 Shizuku

Kemono no Souja Erin Opening Song || NO TRANSLATION

This is a nice uplifting song…but after episode seven, it has also become melancholic. Why did they have to play this song during that scene? It kinda dampens the mood of the song and scene. And now whenever I hear the song I’ll remember that scene…but I guess it’s thanks to that that it made it to #9! ^_^’ (Would have been 10 if it wasn’t for it anyways.)

NOTE: The Single isn’t out until May, so no cover art or translation.


Chrome Shelled Regios Ending Song || TRANSLATION

When I first heard this song, I didn’t really take a liking to it. I mean yeah, it was a good song, but it would have made my list. But then the single came out…along with three other versions, with the accompaniment of Takagaki Ayahi (Nina), Nakahara Mai (Felli), and Takahashi Mikako (Leerin), this song entered my radar. If you know me, I would have gone with the Takahashi Mikako version…but actually, the version with Nakahara Mai ended being the better one. I like me some Felli, but that’s not really the reason. Nakahara Mai was just the better singer! ^_^

07 Anemoi

Sora wo Miageru Shouno no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai || TRANSLATION

I love me some eufonius!


Maira Holic Opening Song || TRANSLATION

This is the wildest adrenaline pumping song on the list!

But it’s a bit weird considering that the voice actress for Mariya is singing it…rather than the voice actress for Kanako…which makes me curious as to what Kanako would sound like if she sings this. /me hopes for character album with cover of this song. Regardless, wild adrenaline pumping song is wild!

05 Kumori GARASU no Mukou

Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season || TRANSLATION

From wild song to slow calming song.

I like how they integrated the theme of this song into a scene in Maria-sama ga Miteru. This song fits so well with the Touko/Yumi relationship. I love this song.

04 Namida no Mukou

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2 Opening Song || TRANSLATION

I love me some stereopony!

03 trust you

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2 || TRANSLATION

This song kinda reminds me of Lyle and Anew’s relationship…how they trust each other and how they’ll wait for each other.

02 Shin Ai


This song is really great! I love Mizuki Nana! That alone would bring this song in the top 5…but the REAL reason was because this song was PERFECTLY used in a ToraDora MAD that MUST be seen by everyone, so I’LL LINK TO IT AGAIN!

This came out being about the video rather than the song… -_- But honestly…this song would be at a lower rank if it wasn’t for the video.

01 Maiochiru Yuki no Youni


One thing that discourages me from making these top ten lists is that I hardly have anything new to say about why I like a song…usually, it’s “I like the feelings/voice/them/etc of the song.” It’s the same ‘ol thing. Maybe the next list will just be images…hope not. So to sound redundant:

I like this song because I like the feelings/voice/theme/etc of the song. A nice calming way to end an anime IMO. Which is why I like ED that aren’t as flaring as the OP…but that doesn’t effect the list. I really do like this song.

Both WHITE ALBUM songs made it to the top…which reminds me, gotta catch up to WHITE ALBUM… >_>

Honorable Mentions

These are songs that didn’t quite make the list but are worth a recommendation!

  • STRENGHT. – SOUL EATER Ending Song
  • Silky Heart – ToraDora Opening Song [TRANSLATION]
  • Soushunfu – Zettai Karen Children Ending Song [TRANSLATION]
  • Life and Proud – Asu no Yoichi! Ending Song [TRANSLATION]
  • Egao no Riyuu – Asu no Yoichi! Opening Song [TRANSLATION]

9 thoughts on “53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Songs {Winter ’09}

  1. So, not even an Honorable Mention to Maria Holic ED, Kimi ni Mune Kyun?

    BTW, I didn’t know the Mariya seiyuu, Yuu Kobayashi, too much, except from the Higurashi’s not-with-many-dialogues Satoshi and the pseudomexican Lala from School Rumble… I mean, not very feminine nor main-character material, but being able to do both Mariya’s voices so magnificently and sing both the OP and the ED, I think I’ll be looking for more of her work… yet another reason to watch Zetsubou Sensei…

    and she’s cute :P

  2. A good list I can pretty much fully agree with (Except Nana-sama and Shin Ai should be at the top on a gigantic platform that no one else can reach!). And of course, any song with Yui Makino deserves an automatic placing (darn it where is my Kawai Honoka character CD? >_<)

  3. @ amalek
    >> and she’s cute

    And she’s a complete airhead as well… Who the heck would hang soba and udon on their Christmas fir tree except for Yuu-tan? :p

    But same here, I’m a big fan of her voice works and her singing. Plus, she says/does some of the most mind-boggling things you’ll ever hear/see, which is what makes her lovable and entertaining. If it’s someone who can give me tummy cramps from laughing too much, that person is def on my favorite list. :D

    @ 53rg10
    If I did a Top N Winter Anime Theme Song list, mine would be almost the same as yours. “Maiochiru Yuki no You ni” would certainly be my #1 choice. Can’t get enough of Suara’s beautiful vocals, and she seems to do ending themes best, along with insert songs. :)

  4. This is a really great top ten list, the only change I would make is have Shin Ai should be #1. You can post this to our site http://www.toptentopten.com/ and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  5. Definitely agree to your 4-2 picks ^^ I have not watched Gundam 00 but when I searched “Trust You”,OMG it’s a really good song. Same goes to Namida no Mukou, it’s catchy. And of course with eternal bias-ness, Shin Ai is always love.

  6. Have followed your top ten for long(maybe your top ten is the most classical of all) , this one is also great, though I think that Yasashii Uso should be in higher rank, and Trust you too.

  7. Thanx your top 10 list of anime songs actually became my top ten too. great choices by the way and keep on the work.

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