Top 5 Anime Picks for Spring 2009 Season

Image Stolen From ::METANORN:: ’cause there’s where I saw it…

The anime Spring Season is just around the corner, it’s time I jumped into the Spring List bandwagon and join the kewl kidz. As always, I’ll choose 5 anime from the upcoming season that looks interesting to me. This time around though, I’ll choose anime whose manga/light novel I haven’t read of (ex: Saki, Kobato, SHINA DARK, FMA & Hatsukoi Limited…hey that’s five already! ^_^’), so these are completely new to me and I know nothing about them…beside the synopsis…>_>

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

Image Links to A Huge Image…

Actually, Shinkyouky Soukai Polyphonica has been on my to watch list for a while now…but seeing as there’s a new season [prequel], or a remake, or something…I guess I’ll put it off and watch this one instead! ^_^

Dunno who that chick is…but she’s another reason to watch! ^_^

Valkyria Chronicles


Giving this game to anime thing another try. Plus, I heard the vengeful baka-yarou and silently rude Inoue Marina is in it!

{I just needed more than one line of text…}

Queen’s Blade ~Rurou no Senshi~

This Image Also Links to a Huge Image

Why not? I read this “They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament: murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen.” and I was sold! ^_^

May be another Sekirei…which I dropped, but it also may not be another Sekirei, which I dropped.



Can’t forget the Slice of Life/School Life anime now can I? Plus the characters look so cute~! Oh, I mean…it animated by Kyo-Ani…that right, Kyo-Ani.

Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-


My ecchi/harem pick for the Spring Season…guilty choice is guilty! Who knows, it could come end up like under appreciated but enjoyable Wagaya no Oinari-sama…I just say that because that’s what this reminded me off…although Oinari-sama wasn’t ecchi…>_>

We’ll see if the tradition of liking one or two of my picks will carry on!! I’m pretty sure it will… -_-

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Picks for Spring 2009 Season

  1. FMA is pretty much a given for me at this point and I’ll certainly follow K-on for my Kyo-Ani fix, Natsu no Arashi because of SHAFT, and Valkyria Chronicles because Sakimoto’s soundtrack was awesome.

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  3. Yeah… the chick in that promo pic for Polyphonica has me intruiged, but I get the feeling it’s going to be terrible. But still, I want to check it out anyway.

    And for some reason, I’m feeling the need for excessive and blatant moe, so I might end up trying that Tayutama anime out too. Although I don’t even remember what it was said to be about. Then again, when all I’m looking for is my guilty pleasure of moe, I guess it doesn’t really matter :p

  4. Mandatory CLAMP and KyoAni fix for me. There are some old favorites I’d like to pick up e.g. FMA and HnG! 2nd season, Polyphonica Crimson S, if I have the spare time. Oh, maybe Tears to Tiara and Queen’s Blade for seiyuu fix. ~_~

  5. @Aizen: Mah Jong confuses the heck outta me…but so does “Go” and “Shougi”, but that didn’t stop me from watching “Hikaru no Go” and “Shion no Ou”! ^_^

    I just hope the subbers don’t shower Saki with translation notes…>_>

    @zzeroparticle: I too will try Natsu no Arashi for the SHAFT…hmm that sounded weird… -_-

    @lelangir: Which are…

    @Nazarielle: BLATANT MOE FTW!!

    @Keiri: Hayate no Gotoku is a definite pick! I WANT MAH HAMSTER!

  6. @phossil: Yeah, that’s why I’m gonna watch FMA too, too see if it’s “Good” different, or “Bad” different.

    @nogizaka: I find that funny, considering your blog name is Pandora Hearts!! ^_^

  7. love K-ON! SSpolyphonica looks intriguing, but as naive as I am in anime, Bakemonogatari has to be one of the best I’ve seen. Excellent animation-wise and story/characterization is superb. Love the interplay with the main male/female characters. Should be on anyone’s list for best of 2009. At least check it out!

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