Top 5 Anime Picks for Spring 2009 Season

Image Stolen From ::METANORN:: ’cause there’s where I saw it… The anime Spring Season is just around the corner, it’s time I jumped into the Spring List bandwagon and join the kewl kidz. As always, I’ll choose 5 anime from the upcoming season that looks interesting to me. This time around though, I’ll choose anime […]

Gintama – Bloody Awesome

Wow, the Shinsengumi Rebellion Arc was pretty damn awesome! But you know, it’s kinda weird seeing Gintama in SERIOUS BUSINESS mode…Gintama doesn’t take anything seriously so it feels like a whole different anime. But it’s Gintama, they keep a bit of what made Gintama so awesome in the first place, humor and wackiness! Action, sword […]