Kemono no Souja Erin – Soyon…Erin…


Oh…my…I, I seriously don’t know what to say, this light-hearted and laid back slice of life anime has left me speechless with this very emotional episode {07}… I knew something was going to happen to Soyon, but what actually happened was not even near to what I was thinking, which was exile.

And to make things more emotional…Erin was there when everything happened…



This, I think, was too cruel for Erin to see. It’s one thing seeing a child see her mother die in her death bed, but seeing a child seeing her mother getting executed is something one can’t bear to see…the screams are unbearable…

4 thoughts on “Kemono no Souja Erin – Soyon…Erin…

  1. Yes, it was a very emotional episode :( Soyon’s death was imminent, as seen in the OP, but the way it happened was truly shocking. This episode reaffirmed again to me that Erin is my favorite anime this season, and I’ll continue covering it :)

  2. Yeah I agree with that, I thought this was so laid back and getting a bit draggy and then when it reached episode 6 it just changed. Soyon’s death was really heartbreaking:(

  3. I wasn’t that surprised because just by listening to the words in the opening sequence and looking at the images one can tell that Soyon was going to die. But it definitely was more intense than I could have imagined…This anime is brilliant.

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