[Filler] Because it’s Odd not Posting Something at Least ONCE a Week…


Am I the only one who feels that way? Am I the only one who thinks that? I mean, I, or we blog owners, don’t have to post anything if we don’t have anything to say, we’re not obligated to post something…but even if we don’t have to…I myself feel weird not posting something at least once a week. And I don’t really have anything good to say at all…this blog is nothing but a place to drop some things I want to say about a particular episode with little to no “thought provoking” words.

I guess it’s something I got used to and something which became a weekly thing to do, if at least only once. -_- But hey, if it’s fun and doesn’t feel like work or something, I’ll continue doing it!!

Anyways, this filler post was to show you guys my new wallpaper of a really sexy and non loli looking Kagami!

I seem to have stopped changing my wallpaper every month or so…and I seem to have stopped making headers, well, this theme doesn’t allow headers so I guess that’s the reason. >_>

17 thoughts on “[Filler] Because it’s Odd not Posting Something at Least ONCE a Week…

  1. I know what you mean. I´m looking trough stuff to write about at this moment. But most of em are something I´ve already written about or something that won´t turn out well.

    I can´t write about modifying the theme as I´ve already done that. I have no birthdays or so to celebrate. The only thing I need to take some time of to write is the Ar Tonelico 2 Review that I´ll be writing, but other than that I have nothing.

    So having a filler now and then is ok :)

    Don´t take this the wrong way but I didn´t like that Kagami. Not how I want to see her and that´s that.

  2. @manga: “And that’s that”? You say you don’t like Kagami and leave it at that!? I DEMAND A REASONABLE EXPLANATION! >_<

    NOTE: Any reason to not like Kagami is unreasonable… ;)

    @gordon: I know how much of a chore blogging can be, it’s the reason I stopped doing a post for every single episode. I now just do a post for an episode I feel like doing something for…be it informative or useless…mostly useless! ;)

    And although I did do this post for the sake of not having a post-less week, it was fun doing it! ^_^

    And if you want the interface-less and full sized image of my wall paper, head on over to my Desktop/Header Page! Or just click here!!

  3. I feel the same way about having to post something on your blog no matter what and considering I try to follow a certain format, I feel weird if I don’t post anything in a long time, I get upset if I post something even just a day later than usual. Anyway, I like your wallpaper!

  4. Non-loli Kagamin is niiiice~ Though I still can’t imagine her looking like her mom yet. I mean, even her older sisters look loli. Uh right… Obviously my eyes are too inexperienced to differentiate the true loli from the loli-looking folks. >_>

    Same here. Sometimes due to work IRL, I’m too tired to be in the right mindset to write anything by the end of the day (and I just realized I have many drafts left unfinished in my account), yet, it feels like something’s missing if my blog is left untouched for more than 10 days or so (thank goodness for feeds?).

    Before, I used to think writing an entry you’re genuinely enthusiastic about once in a blue moon is more beneficial than cranking content-less posts, but fillers are just as important in keeping the interest alive. Well, to me at least. :D

  5. I should have made “that” in bold. Does a simple bold work?

    or must it be [b]bold[/b]?

    The reason: The design, everything sucks. I love Kagamin as I love most tsundere girls, but that version of her just feelt plain wrong. Like having Sakura from Street Fighter with breasts the size of Tokyo(which some doujin fanart have given her)…

    Or for a more weird example: Imagine Kasumi from Dead or Alive being a flat chest. Would feel so wrong right?

    That is my reaction to this version of Kagami, just seems wrong to me. But I love Kagami.

  6. Ahahah I also love that pic ;) even if kagamin is not loli-looking XD.

    “I seem to have stopped changing my wallpaper every month or so..” —> Oh don’t worry too much, because I change my wall every morning or so XDDD.

    Ja nee

  7. @lostty: Following a certain format seems kinda restrictive…but I guess as long has you have fun it’s fine! ^_^

    P.S: I always spell your [user]name wrong…>_>

    @Keiri: Wait…filler…is…good? O_o Does not compute…MIND AXPLODED!!

    Differentiating a true loli from a loli-looking character is a hard [useless] ability to acquire…I dunno the requirements needed for it… >_>

    @gordon: You’re welcome!

    @manga: All I understood is that you like Kagami.

    @mikan: Wow! Change of wallpaper every morning!? That…for some reason, sound kinda tiring… -_-

  8. ok.

    For a more practical example t hen which might should have been the first is Kanokon, did you watch the whole show? In one ep Chizuru gets a little handicap as her breasts dissapears and she basically turns into a DFC girl.

    Did that feel right for you? For me it didn´t, neither would it have been if I had seen the wolf girl with breasts as big as Chizuru´s.

    It just ain´t right designwise. And that is my biggest problem with that image of Kagami.

    Was that a better explanation? I just got up and my mind is really not working right at the moment so I need to ask you that. if it weren´t then I´ll just have to try again.

  9. lol. I think not posting in a while or dont have anything good to make a post of, is something we ussually face as bloggers but that happens once in a while (i guess….)

    Love your wallpaper (and love Kagami). ^_^

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  11. Hohoho, blogger’s block. Good thing I don’t have a blog. :D I prefer ‘intruding’ into someone else’s blog & just left when I’m done. :P

    If you really feel like you must write something in your blog, pick up the animes that you have dropped, be frustrated with the uninteresting/annoying things & then just blog it! No need to be creative in your post. Just scribble them off.

    Oh wait, what am I saying? :O

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