Chrome Shelled Regios – In it for the Felli

“The ropes were fun.“ All the people ADMITTING they’re watching Chrome Shelled Regios are watching it for Felli! The fighting, the bugs, the restoration thingy, and the LULZY Engrish all come second…well, third to me because “Hamster” is assured second place! ^_^

Minami-ke Okaeri – One Can Dream…

Breast Lover Makoto takes breast loving to hardcore levels! ^_^ Also I just realized Mako-chan comes with innuendos, innuendos that makes us think dirty thoughts…like the spilled juiced…or making Chiaki ‘friendly’…>_> A normal person would have realized it the first time Mako-chan made an appearance…but a slow person like me would realize just now… -_- […]