[Suisei] Happy Valentines Day!

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suisei_happy Happy Valentines Everyone~♥! Enjoy this special day with your significant other!
suisei_doubtful Or alone if you don’t have anyone…
suisei_hehel Heheh~!

8 thoughts on “[Suisei] Happy Valentines Day!

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  2. @phossil: Thank you!

    @Aizen: I got some from my mom…and an imaginary girl {Suisei} ”’orz

    @Keiri: Hope you enjoyed your date with Nabe! ;)

    @manga: I did what I always do…nothing!

    @The Sojourner: You had a tough battle, you deserve some rest.

    @7: Wait…did I just read that right…your significant other is your other self? Right Hand innuendo?

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