Hetalia Axis Powers – If Anyone Should be Pissed…



Hell, the anime’s name is {supposedly} a combination of Hetare {incompetent} and Italia…Hetalia!! I don’t really understand why the Koreans are pissed at this [they’re not even IN the anime], but I was given the impression this was going to be overly racist…but I gave it a try for the LULZ…and LULZ I got!

I don’t know if it’s my exposure to many stereotypical and racial jokes or my ‘open’ nature…but I found nothing wrong with this anime. It’s satirical nature and the way it gives the countries their “personality” was really well done. I was thinking I was going to come out of this a bit uncomfortable…but no, it’s satirical humor completely made my day! ^_^

I just wish it was longer…>_>

7 thoughts on “Hetalia Axis Powers – If Anyone Should be Pissed…

  1. As in italian i have to say that i don’t feel offended in the least by Hetalia, and as a matter of fact I’m enjoying it a lot. Frivolous, useless and extremely stupid fits my country perfectly. I have to say that Hetalia’s portrayal of my country is even too kind and cute, I don’t think we deserve it (especially considering how idiot we actually had been in the 22-43 period).

    I would like to see Italia’s only two badass moments: picking fights with Austria during the Unification, and the Resistance (the wto brothers fighting), but probably that would be too much complexity for a gag anime that focuses on comedy.

    Man, the koreans are far, far too stuck up about this.

  2. @Della: The way Hetalia portrayed Italia says there won’t be any GAR moments from him! ^_^

    But you never know what the timid one can do! :)

    @xephfyre: The Koreans might be okay with it if there was more dog meat…ah…I shouldn’t have said that. -_-

  3. @53RG10: Well, I`m from Canada, XD And Canada is portrayed as soft-spoken and not outgoing in the series, and a pushover….but I think its cute! <3 Even though historically we fought bravely in the World Wars [ as any country did ] I don`t think it would be …fitting? If Canada was all gar XD

    Every country fought bravely in wars, but overall their character defines who they are XD so like, even though Italy may act silly, he probably does have a brave side, and he has a good heart ^^

  4. I just watched this show for the first time and had never heard of it before. but man do I have to say this is an awsome show. at first I thought it sounded like a childish way to teach primary school kids about history but after he said pasta like that I just couldn’t stop laughing.

  5. Hi! I’m Italian and I’d like to say that I’ve reaaally loved Hetalia! Well, all of us know how cruel the wars are, so I don’t really think ’bout war when watching Hetalia, but it’s so funny joking with our own origins! And I love Italia and all the other countries!! XD I think that’s a way to like all the world…well, maybe I’m too optimistic! XDD

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