Skip Beat! – Back to What I Like


The last few episodes of Skip Beat focused more on Kyouko focusing on her career and having fun rather than on revenge, and it was good, yes it was good watching her actually like showbiz and keeping Sho off her mind. But that doesn’t fulfill my Skip Beat thirst, although it was great seeing her enjoying herself, I wanted to see more of what attracted me to Skip Beat in the first place, Kyouko’s quest for revenge and her quick mood swings.

And that’s exactly what I got with episode 17 and 18, with the added extra topping of having Kyouko actually WORK with Sho! But that is not all, it’s not enough to have Kyouko working with Sho and getting found out {by letting her feelings take over}…but Sho getting INTERESTED in Kyouko just made this anime a lot more tastier!

5 thoughts on “Skip Beat! – Back to What I Like

  1. Agreed, this is a very engaging and funny arc. I doubt that Sho will get more than just a little bit of comeuppance, but it’ll be fun to hope for it.

  2. @max: The source material usually is…>_>

    @ghostlightning: I’ve been hoping for Sho to get his just deserts since the beginning! So ANY comeuppance will be greatly accepted [by me]! :)

  3. That’s right, and it’s not an exception… if they had just taken a little bit more from the manga and it could be a mus have anime.

  4. @max: I think it already is a “must have” anime…Its A LOT better than other romance/comedy anime I’ve seen. It keeps the romance:comedy ratio stable, there’s not too much of one or too less of another.

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