To Aru Majutsu no Index – The Right Hand of Misfortune

Doesn’t seem so unfortunate to me!

This episode seemed like a filler…I dunno the source material, so I’m not sure if it is or not…but hey, if it’s a filler with a character one likes, all the better! ^_^

Because I have nothing else to do…>_>

“Gah, it’s [enter YOUR name here]…”





“That wasn’t 53RG10-sama…”




Tsun Tsun



I shed tears of moe too!

Irrelevant Note that you’ll remember because it’s the last thing in the post: I watched AoShen’s version of To Aru Majutsu no Index because I wanted my Misaka fix to watch some anime…and um…long story short…I won’t be doing that again…>_>

10 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index – The Right Hand of Misfortune

  1. Touma seems to be some sort of (fortunate) chick magnet who has an unfortunate tendency of being on the verge of getting beaten up by them at some point. So um… Is that considered fortunate or unfortunate?

  2. Well, if he was REALLY unfortunate then that means the man’s best friend can’t do what it’s supposed to in the bathroom. That’s pretty unfortunate right there :[

  3. Congrats, you’ve experience AoShit, hope next time you’ll learn your patience lol. MISAKA IMOUTO no IMOUTO has arrived!

  4. Ahaha… Every time I enjoy a lot reading your posts XD.
    Besides, we are watching the same anime ^^

    May I ask you a question?Are you Italian? Because I am and your name 53RG1O looks like an Italian one XD. Gomen ne for my curiosity ^^’
    Ja nee

  5. Oh I’m not disappointed at all :) It was just out of curiosity ^^

    Also, I forgot to say that Aya Hirano and Nana Mizuki are both my favourite Japanese singers and my favourite seiyuu. And I am a loli addicted, even if I’m a girl XD

    So, we have a lot in common ;) and I’m looking forward to your next entries :D

    ps: sorry for my bad English ^^’, but I don’t speak/write it too much.

  6. @Mikan You are officially awesome!! ;)

    I may not write the best posts out there, but I’m glad at least one person looks forward to them! ^_^’

    And don’t worry about your English, if I can understand what you’re saying…it means your English is fine.

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