CLANNAD ~After Story~ – Nagisa


I was expecting Okazaki to say “however” or something while he was reminiscing about Nagisa…but he instead came out with a “I should never have met her.” I forgot I was watching a work from Key…And now the song will make me think of this sad episode every time I hear it…inducing the flow of tears. ;_;

8 thoughts on “CLANNAD ~After Story~ – Nagisa

  1. This was the perfect song for this scene. The transition from the known ED parts of the song to the unused melodies was particularly well done.

    Tomoya becomes the father he hated so much. Awesome.

    Still needs more Kyou, though.

  2. Ahh!! This episode is still bothering me. Kyoani did this to me with AIR too.

    Compare this scene with the same scene in Toei’s Clannad movie. Just incredible.

  3. @Shin: I was more pissed than sad at that…stupid Andrei…

    @Roy Mustang: I stayed away from the movie {and the game} to keep the spoilers to a minimum…but I knew this was coming. ”’orz

  4. Darn you. Now every time I hear Nagisa’s theme, my mind keeps on drifting back to that scene and how tragically poignant it was. As I noted, Tomoya’s monologue and the music complements that scene so well that it makes for one heck of a tearjerker.

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