ToraDora! – Emotional Fight

*POW* Right in the Kisser!

Wow! That was just awesome!

I’m not very good at seeing fights, real life or 2D, just watching them gets me worked up {uncomfortable} and a bit scared…especially those senseless ones where there is no reason to fight. But the {fist} fight between Taiga and Sumire was one I could watch intently. That was because of the reason behind the punches.

Taiga was massively pissed because Sumire brushed off and ran away from Kitamura’s daring confession, making him very very depressed and sad. Taiga really hadn’t had any other friends to show her caring side to, so she doesn’t really know how to comfort the guy she likes. All she can do is let those tiny fist show how much she cares for Kitamura, even at the cost of her suspension and getting hurt. That is the only thing she is able to…

But Sumire too isn’t fighting just to fight, she also has some feelings she can’t voice. She’s the Student Council President everyone looks up to and whom everyone expect great things from, so she can’t really be like the other students who run wild while in their youth…in other terms, and idiot. She cowardly rejected those feelings and ran away from them because she doesn’t know what to say to Kitamura. Anything she says, he will follow through with it…if she says she likes him, he will drop everything and follower her {to America}, if she says she hates him…well, she CAN’T say it…

Because she can’t say neither, she defends herself from Taiga’s emotion filled punches…which in turns makes her yell out her own…making for a really great emotional and tear inducing scene. Yes I’m a sap for this kinds of things.

Kitamura knows how nice and gentle the Council President is and why she can’t say anything to him, so he had to hold on to his unrequited feelings and let her go…

P.S: I wonder what Ami’s words directed to Minori mean, I haven’t read that in the Light Novel…or maybe I can’t remember…>_>

P.P.S: This is how far I’ve read in the Light Novels, so I’m excited to see what lies beyond this arc! ^_^


5 thoughts on “ToraDora! – Emotional Fight

  1. Check random curiosity’s post on the ep to find out what it means. Basically it means, that Minori was feeling guilty since she was starting to like Ryuuji, but she couldn’t make a move because she thought the one Taiga liked was Ryuuji, so she felt as though that she was betraying Taiga by starting to like Ryuuji. That’s why when she saw the pic of Kitamura, she felt relieved in a sense that the one she liked wasn’t Ryuuji (meaning she could make her move guilt free now)., This is why Ami asked her if she’s gotten over her guilt in liking her best friend’s… supposed love interest? Well, that’s the gist of it. He explained it better than I did.

  2. If what Omi said was true… why would she really try to support others to like a guy she likes? I don’t see the correlation in that; she can’t be doing it “to be lady-like”. It doesn’t make sense in that direction. Then again, what if Ami just wants Takasu to express him feelings to Minroi OR reject Minori so that there will be less ‘opponents’ to take Takasu. What does make sense, though, is that the guilt from Minori is for liking Takasu. She’s like the Kotori in Da Capo if you ask me. Ami’s like… the sidekick for Takasu. Really.

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