My Gripe With Anime – HUGE BEWBS

It does, SIZE DOES MATTER! That goes to BOTH guys AND girls. When it comes to guys, it’s their wallet penOO, and when it comes to girls, it’s their, well, the post title is enough to give you a hint!! ;) And I’m one of those few guys who abhors HUMONGOUS breasts.


First, I wouldn’t call myself a flat breast lover or say I have a flat breast fetish. In all honesty..I don’t really care for them. If I wanted to feel flat breast, I’ll feel myse…wait…nevermind…>_> FORGET WHAT I JUST SAID! Point is, I don’t LOVE flat breasts, but I would pick a flat breasted image {of an unknown character} than one with huge ones in a heartbeat…big breast disgust me…not just in drawings and video games {where the bounce is upped a notch}, but also in real life.

I’m more of a moderate breast lover! ;)

That’s why I hate it when I see big breasts in anime…I try to tolerate it, but in anime things tend to be more exaggerated. I know very well that anime is all about fantasy and it’s just a depiction of otaku human desire and I won’t question their preferences, for I have other ‘weird’ tastes.

What really makes me hate big breast is the fact that is just merely for fan-service…and nothing else. The character can have some great depth to them, but what they will be remembered by is their huge bouncing bewbs.

I dislike how {in anime} they flaunt the breast distastefully. They get the bounce for no apparent reason other than to get some bouncing bewbs into the scene. Which makes the characters, that has potential to become something, get reduced to nothing but a walking pair of t!ts…like Tiffania up there or Kurumu.


Granted though, these series were both on the ecchi side so, someone HAD to be the walking pair of t!ts…>_> These bouncing bewbs aren’t only on harem anime though, but that’s the source of my hatred…not really, but it increased it!

Both Tiffania and Kurumu had the potential of becoming something better and could have had more to do in the story other than fan-service. In the manga of Rosario + Vampire, Kurumu does just that, but in the anime, she’s nothing but a pair of Succubus utters. Tiffana could have have been central to the plot of Zero no Tsukaima for she brought Saito back to life and is of elven decent, but again, she’s nothing but a pair of Elf utters…that degradation of the character’s personality or depth {usually} comes with huge bewbs.

Even in anime where big breast aren’t the focus can also deteriorate just like that. Like episode 8 of Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka, distastefully augmenting Tsukasa’s breast. For the sake of fan-service, they were bigger just for that episode. An episode about Tsukasa’s future was rendered into nothing but an episode of her bouncing bewbs…and honestly…that’s all I remember from the episode. -_-

I think she wanted to be a voice actress or something…>_>

But of course, I’m not as shallow as to judge a character {or person} by their appearance. I’m one of those almost extinct guys that likes character over appearance. I can very well like a character with huge bewb and not be bothered by them at all. That is because I took a liking to how the character is and how she acts. Like Tear from Tales of the Abyss or Yoko from Gurren Lagann. Those two are but a small example of character with huge bewbs that don’t flaunt their assets to the otaku world.

But what takes most of the screen and thus my attention, will be the distastefully huge bouncing anime bewbs…>_>

Extra Note: Hentai is a lot, A LOT, worse than what I normally see in anime, which is why I don’t watch it {anymore}…I could have gone in there and pulled some examples…but I’ll rather keep this relatively safe for work…and the “character with depth” argument wouldn’t have worked! ^_^’

Irrelevant Note: This has NOTHING to do with the the paradoxical loli. The timing and motivation to finish it just coincided!

21 thoughts on “My Gripe With Anime – HUGE BEWBS

  1. F is my limit. My minimum is C, though B is acceptable but pushing it. :p Not even interested in DFCs most of the time. But yeah, in anime, most of them are exaggerated, and the bouncing boobs part does not help. :\

  2. Wonder if it’s weird for me (a girl) to comment on a post like this. ^_^;

    Good justification on this issue. Though I can tolerate fanservice to a certain extent, when it gets shoved in the face all the time, it does become rather tasteless. And when this happens, boobs (or other body parts) become their form of identity instead of their personality or to a more superficial extent, their face.

    Naturally shaped and moderation is the best. Exaggeration is not. Huge boobs are too big of a distraction. Well, that’s just me anyway. ><

  3. I’m female and I don’t see a problem posting on the subject. There are many naturally large breasted women in real life so I don’t see a problem with them in anime. However, some really do push my tolerance levels. An example of an anime that went too far was Dragonaut. Some of those breasts were larger than the heads of the females sporting them. Half the time I was either feeling sorry for their backs or noticing how their boobs were defying gravity.

    I don’t mind if there’s a character with gigantic boobs used for comic relief. Perhaps if I think of Dragonaut as a parody I’d feel better about them. I was in pain just looking at those breasts.

  4. Hahaha, of course as a girl I am obviously very anti-huge-bewb, but I’m glad to see it’s not just girls that find it…weird.

    To me giant boobs purely there for fanservice just seem deformed and…well yeah. Just deformed says it well enough. So I never got why some guys would find it appealing. Even outside of it making a girl just into a walking pair of boobs (and ignoring her personality and such), it just looks bad and unnatural to me. So I think it fails as far as fanservice goes too (well, not if there are guys who like it).

  5. @Mobius: What if they’re naturally big? O_o

    @Panther: Spill it, you like DFC’s! Notice how DFC have your favored sizes? D, F, C, ^_^

    @Roy Mustang: Anything with big breast fails. So here, have a treat! ;)

    @Shin: Wait, weren’t you excited for breasts! O_o

    Keiri: The opinions of girls on huge bewbs are always welcomed! It gives a better view on it than a guy who chooses on personal preference. :)

    And it proves the theory that all girls are naturally Yuri!

    @Nellie: For comic relief? That’s the same as tasteless fanservice…

    @FuyuMaiden: If it disgust the viewer, the fanservice failed…but it seems there are guys out there who like it…otherwise there wouldn’t be so much of it…and the first option on the poll would have ZERO votes! ^_^

  6. Bobbies…what a way to offset their center of gravity, render them slightly immobile and sealing their ability to do things viewers will recognize them for like dancing and such. It is due to this inability that viewers will only remember that big-chested character for her boobies…nothing else.

    Quite a paradox I would say…

  7. You call it tasteless fanservice and I call it parodying fanservice. As long as it doesn’t disgust me and makes me laugh I don’t have any problems. I watch anime for entertainment, not to make a stance against objectifying or stereotyping women.

  8. After watching a certain eroanime I just hope people don´t have that kind of breasts in real life, poor girls in that case.

    But for me, size doesn´t matter :) Personality is everything, if the girl then has big, medium or small doesn´t really matter.

    In anime I don´t want them to grow on trees as it ruins just about anything as they have to be placed in every scene just to get the male audience horny and the girls jealous and wonder why they don´t have that kind of breats.

    And in my medicin book it tells me that breasts are mostly made out of fat… doesn´t bring that much Yay feeling there :p

    Whatever they call it I just don´t like to see the screenf illed upp with one big pair of breasts, multiple choice is always better!!

  9. @Roy Mustang: Isokawa Niina Bewb…

    @Manga: I forgot to mention that breast are mostly made out of fat…destroying your so called “yay feeling”! That is another reason I dislike huge breasts.

    @Nellie: Parody Fanservice and Tasteless Fanservice are both different. In parody fanservice, like in Mahoro, it’s there just to make us laugh and not “excite us [guys]”.

    Tasteless Fanservice, like in Sekirei, is there to appease to the male audience…but since they shove it all in our faces every single minute, it takes away from the “enjoyment”. If it was subtle and more less obvious, it wouldn’t be tasteless…

  10. I destroyed that “yay feeling” a long time ago :)

    And the final screw in the coffin was what I read so there is no more yay. Not at this point anyway.

  11. Hohoho! Exploding breasts, oversize heads, very big eyes that stretch to half of the face, high-pitch voices that cause some ears to bleed, high-school students that look like those from grade school, over-dramatic characters & whatever things you find annoying in animes, BRING THEM ON & make my day! :P For me, it’s all for the laugh :)

  12. The best always lasts to the end, people know how to judge the good or the bad thing, like in Naruto, its not the number one anime because of Tsunade but because the story is very good and you can see that Tsunade is not the number one female character in this anime but Sakura who have a normal body and present a normal girl, even in Bleach, most people prefer Rukia on Matsumato and Inoue because she has a strong character even if she have a flat breast the character is the most important thing, in the end story always last and it’s more important than fake anime huge breasts, because people don’t watch Naruto for breasts because most of the episodes has no Tsunade in it so if Tsunade dies will people stop watching Naruto?!!

  13. I really see what the big deal is. Yes some character have big breasts but if you’re gonna let that take away from the depth of the character that’s your problem. Women come in all different sizes and shapes EVEN Dragonaut size.

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  15. Call me “old fashioned” or “cliche” or a “sucker” but I go yaya for huge yabos. I go bonkers for big hooters. On a slender body, big bewbs are marvelous.

    My theory on people who dislike big bewbs:
    a. They can’t get them, and cope by burying their interest in big breats.
    b. They actually dislike big bewbs. (different tastes).

    My theory on why I like them so much. I have thought aobut this a great deal and realize their composition (if real) is just fat cells, some mammary stuff, a nipple and the like. They aren’t too spectacular when scrutinizing their biological composition, but I still find them appealing.

    Will I outgrow the big breast interest?

    It’s lasted almost 28 years so I don’t see when nor why it would, but it could. Interests do change.

    A lot of people have even tried to convince me that big breats are things that “I will grow tired of”.

    It seems there’s this movement to convince people that big breasts are things you shouldn’t like. Preposterous!

    I like big breasts. You dislike “average breats”. What the bloody hell is wrong with any of those interests? Absolutely nothing.

    ****Nice post btw. Amusing and well-written.

  16. Other considerations

    Breast size (large) is important but of equal or more importance is breast shape. The location of the nipple, the amount of curvature, the amount of perkiness.

    If there were for example 100 pairs of D breasts, many of them would be unappealing.

    A lot of people focus on size (and for me bigger typically is more attractive) but breast shape is really overlooked and is equally and often more important.

    The reason for this, likely, is there’s not “scale” to breast shape, no A-G (or whatever it goes up to know), no metric, just someone’s preferences. Kidn of interesting.

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