Asu no Yoichi! – Makino Yui Sanjou!

The Paradoxical Loli with Breasts!

I wasn’t really completely sold on Asu no Yoichi! even thought it has some powerhouse seiyuu like Tamura Yukari, Satou Rina, Hanazawa Kana, and current favorite Tomatsu Haruka. But come episode 03 and Tsubame Tsubasa {pic above}, and I’m COMPLETELY sold on Asu no Yoichi! ^_^

Makino Yui is not really known as a voice actress, she’s mostly known as a singer, and a very good one at that with her nice soft and calming vocals, and even then she is still partly unknown…>_> But I’ve been a fan of hers since the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles days where I heard her sing “Amurita“.

With Makino Yui making her appearance, Asu no Yoichi! is now the guilty pleasure of Winter ’09! And what’s better is that she’s casted as a more energy filled character with her own “Tsubasa Vision” fantasy! But not as high strung as Amuri. ^_^ She voices a loli, and I can’t help but think the voice is similar to the loli type-casted voice of Hanazawa Kana, I actually thought it was Hanazawa Kana the first time I heard Tsubasa speak…>_>

With onee-san Satou Rina, fujoshi Tamura Yukari, loli Hanazawa Kana, tsundere Tomatsu Haruka, and now shy paradoxical-loli Makino Yui, Asu no Yoichi! seems like a fine watch to me! ^_^

P.S: Oh Look! My FIRST Asu no Yoichi! post! Leave it to seiyuu fanboyism for motivation! ^_^’

P.P.S: Ayame > Tsubasa


6 thoughts on “Asu no Yoichi! – Makino Yui Sanjou!

  1. Must now watch episode 03 of Asu no Yoichi! Tsubasa voiced by Makino-san sounds so worth it (well, obviously).

    Ah. It really must be all the fine seiyuu in this anime that gives it the charm that makes it somehow likable for so many people who would usually despise it immediately.

  2. Ah, nothing like watching a show based on the seiyuu, eh? ;)

    For some unexplainable reason, the cast lineup has remained my No.1 excuse when it comes to watching any Anime. That’s why I end up with so many guilty pleasures like Code Geass, Dragonaut, Kurogane no Linebarrel etc. etc. and yes, even Crayon Shin-chan. >_>

  3. @The_Observer: d(^_^)b

    @Panther: Boooo.

    @FuyuMaiden, Keiri: We could say we watch an anime because of story, genre, characters, etc.etc…but when it comes down to it, the seiyuu cast is the thing that keeps us watching! ^_^

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