[Unimportant Post] MOAR Image Fixing


A long time ago I fixed two images out of sheer boredom. And thanks to it, I got a tiny bit of experience at editing images.

It’s been a while since then and I haven’t gotten the urge, or was bored enough, to fix an image. But I fixed this because my brother requested it. I don’t really take requests, but he pays the internet bill is my older brother, so I gave it a shot. ^_^’

I thought it was going to be too easy…that was before I found out all the individual images didn’t align to each other correctly. Just setting up the canvas and trying to align them was enough to make me want to quit…>_> But I was bribed with pizza liked the challenge so kept with it. I got it aligned as best as I could {image up there} and saved it for another day.

Two days later {I think} I took the challenge again. This was the easy part though, A LOT easier than aligning them. The ONLY tool I used was the Clone Tool since it worked wonderfully in the last two images I fixed and I was used to using it. I was ready to re-draw stuff and try to make it look as close to the original artist as possible, but the Clone Tool ended up being enough! ^_^

With a total amount of FIVE hours, I finished the image…and not to blow my own horn, but I think it looks pretty damn good! ^_^


2 thoughts on “[Unimportant Post] MOAR Image Fixing

  1. Image editing is fun :)

    I just have to take time and start honing the skills I´ve learned and try and fix some images and such. Or try to create more banners or what not.

    Result is good.

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