Maria Holic – This is Not About the Trap


As hard as it, let’s forget about the delicious trap, the awesome yuri, the cute maid, and the adorable neko mimi for a while and PRAISE THE AWESOME KARAOKE STYLING OF MIASMACLOUD {of gg}!

I don’t really care for Karaoke nor super special effect during the opening/ending sequence…a simple translation and/or romaji is fine with me. In episode two of Maria Holic, I got to see the awesomely disturbing and creepy opening, which I didn’t see in the first pre-aired episode, for the first time. But what impressed me about the OP wasn’t the crazy wild SHAFT animation…but the Karaoke Styling by miasmacloud.


I haven’t seen a Karaoke Styling like this before…or maybe I just don’t remeber. >_> Every thing matched the sequence so well and it felt as if it was really part of the animation. Just like you can’t guess what SHAFT will randomly place on screen nor where, the English lyrics were all over the place and very diverse (in color). Way to think like SHAFT! ^_^

This type of styling made watching the anime a bit more interesting!


7 thoughts on “Maria Holic – This is Not About the Trap

  1. Great OP, great work from the fansubbers. Congrats to gg ^^

    I have many things to say about this series, yet, as of now, the only thing I’ll say is that Kiri Nanami seems to me like a somewhat older and more serious Uehara Miyako…

  2. Yeah… do you see how the “older” Miyako covers that zone of the forehead with hair? Maybe she got bored of people making fun of it. BTW, what’s the name of that triangular thing Miyako uses in her hair???… it’s similar to the one Minami-ke’s Mako-chan uses but I can’t come up with it’s name XD

    Oh, and also that archer girl, Yuzuru Inamori, slighty reminds me of Ichijou-san… I think those “empty” eyes are doing the trick.

  3. That….That was karaoke! I thought it was part of the opening, and when I saw versions with out it assumed there was just alternate versions, 8D man shes good….

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