Toradora! – KI━━━(゜∀゜)━━TA(MURA)!!!


Not really what I imagined when I read it in the Light Novel, but pretty close to it! ^_^

This is the way Kitamura rebels…and just like Ami, I think it’s stupid, childish, and amusing! But I can see why he did this. I mean *SPOILER ALART* the guy was rejected ONCE AGAIN by a girl he likes. It wasn’t really a direct rejection {yet}, but an implied and more cowardly type of rejection in a form of “news” from the Student Council President, who he has admired for so long.*END SPOILER ALART* Getting the “news” that way messed up all his plans and mental preparations…

One thing I’m waiting for see though, is Taiga’s action that comes after she “comforts” a certain Ryuuji. ^_^

And the anime failed for not having that Ami X Ryuuji moment in the Batting Range…hell, it fail for not having Ami in the second half! >_<

3 thoughts on “Toradora! – KI━━━(゜∀゜)━━TA(MURA)!!!

  1. @Aizen: Really wanna know? Keep reading for Spoilers:

    You know how Ami always teases Ryuuji with that “fake” personality of hers and gets all over him in front of Taiga? Well, as Ryuuji and Ami were going to get some drinks, Ami was close to him and holding his arm, when Taiga was out of sight, she immediately let go and returned to normal Ami. Ryuuji expected this so he told her to sit and wait while he went to buy drinks.

    But Ami with her arrogant attitude said she’ll buy her drink herself. As she was walking ahead, Ryuuji decided to get some revenge and said:

    “What are you talking about, be more honest if you can’t bear to be separated from me.”

    and walked up to Ami as if he was going to hug her from behind…making Ami jump and scream. Ryuuji just pointed and laughed at her, making her angry…Ami turned her head away from Ryuuji for the rest of the conversation…and directly faced him when talking about “the significant other” that may take the time to understand Ami.

    I don’t really blog about Toradora! even if it’s one of my favorites. That’s because I would compare it endlessly with the Light Novel and point out the differences that didn’t make it in…>_>

    @Kanzeon: Though choice! ;)

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