Ga-Rei -Zero-

Jeez, I said NOT to call me Sister!!


As always with awesome shows like this, I jumped on the bandwagon halfway through the season. I watched the first episode when it aired, which left me with mouth wide open during the whole ending sequence in wonder as to what the hell happened. The whole main cast died? That was COMPLETELY unexpected! But yet, I didn’t continue it until the latter half of the Fall 2008 Season. Dunno why…>_>

Once I got back on track and picked up Ga-Rei -Zero- again…it became one of the anime I looked forward to watching every week. Every episode ended in such a cliffhanger ending {with complimenting song} that I had me anticipating the next episode so badly! It was an anime that had everything, from action to lesbians touching scenes, like the one at the cemetery…*snif*

Also, another of my favorites scenes was when that Metroid fashioned Nurse was looking for Kagura’s friends. That was such an intense scene in more than one way. I didn’t expect to be filled with excitement and arousal at the same time! ;)


Ga-Rei -Zero- had a great story and really great characters. But it would have been a tad bit better if there was more of a variety when it came to the demons. There were too many GIANT CG ROLLING DINOSAURS ON FIRE and lots of Metroids…it would have been good to see a bit of more demon diversity…but that’s just me.

Also, Kagura spend a bit too much time being emo/crying…but her character change at the end compensates for that! ^_^ Though I wonder if she’s just lying to herself and smiling at everything…I sure would like a second season of this!

Other than that, the anime was REALLY good! Ga-Rei -Zero- gets FOUR Pocky eating lesbians, outta FIVE!


16 thoughts on “Ga-Rei -Zero-

  1. Worst way ever to make a story progress. It should have started with the nice feeling that the third ep had, then gone straight to hell in the last episodes, would have been way better than to see her Yomi go all “high and mighty” on a lot of people in the last few seconds of the first two eps and then turn into a sweet little girl?

    WTF, give me the devil yomi back!!

    But oh well. Now I just need to see the main story behind the first cast, the girl riding a motorcycle and such as well as the continuation of the story since Ga-Rei Zero ended in the worst possible way.

  2. @manga: My brother said the story continues in the manga…I dunno about the Natsuki chick, but I to want too see their story and how they’re connected with that dude with butterflies.

    IIRC he killed that dude’s sister…

  3. maybe natsuki and co will apear in an OVA or a movie… there’s no other reason for their appearance…

    it’s just normal for those who didn’t read the manga ga-rei
    i’m not giving any spoilers, but, basically, the TV show ends where the manga begins

    ga-rei zero is great and yomi is the best… she suffered too much =/

    the op song singer does kagura’s voice; and the ed song is yomi’s

    you clearly see the love and effort put in this series as there’s so many details..

  4. @doso: A season 2 would be great! ^_^

    I haven’t gotten around to reading the manga, but I did know Ga-Rei -Zero- was like a prologue leading to where the manga begins.

  5. This anime is GREAT, a lot of violence, and I disagree about the history development, it´s awesome. The only thing I think they could have done better is the story, to many things from another animes, like Kyubi, it´s the whole plot of Naruto. Anyways, this anime is AWESOME, great fights, a lot of blood, and some insane fight scenes!

  6. I don’t think there’s a season 2 to this… T_T Sadly.

    I thought this was the best anime of the year for me, since I watched it through ONE night (Haha… =_=”)

    It actually made me cry.
    Maybe it’s just me though.

    Loved the songs and the plot.

  7. i love ga rei zero it tells to be strong what challenge youre facing even your a girl when love came theres no same sex discrimination even im only 13 im a bisexual i love girls and boys i have crush with my friend the strawberry panic anime i love it too and so much the guardian heart ilove it the mai hime all of the anime

  8. The manga is a followup, and I’m pretty sure they do not plan to make another season, although I loved this anime/manga a lot, and it taught me a lot about the world and how it works, and about myself. I didn’t like one aspect of the anime when I read the manga:
    They made Kagura all wrong! She’s beautiful in the manga with amazing hair and in the anime they gave her little short ugly hair. I was like, “Er, no.”
    Also they’re not lesbians they’re “sisters” although I do like the idea of those two being together as I am a bisexual myself, It just isn’t how it is.
    This anime and manga was the best I’ve read and watched up with Ef- A Tale of Memories/Melodies. I LOVE Ga-Rei!

  9. good i love this so much even im not serious in my comments reading your comments is much preety good than mine yomi isayama

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