Da Capo if – Kotori Centered OVA

…though it was Miharu for me ’cause she looks like a certain Akane! ;)

I’m glad there’s more “IF” OVAs being produced and I’m glad the Da Capo series got the treatment too…but for some reason I didn’t really like this OVA.

I’m all for Kotori getting her happiness and ending up with Junichi…as much as I had trouble typing/thinking that…but this Imaginary Future just doesn’t cut it. It’s just an OVA to give Kotori fans the Kotori ending they all want…well, that’s the sole reason for the OVA so it’s doing it’s job! ^_^’

I liked Kotori because she was the character, who despite being rejected TWICE, still helped out Junichi when he needed the help…which is ALWAYS. The fact that she won’t get those feeling returned to her and still cared for Junichi is what made her likable in the first place. And now that she is going to get that happiness, she rejects it and emo ensues.

*sigh* I’m not as excited for this imaginary future, but because I’m a Da Capo fan {le gasp}, I’ll watch the next episode{s} of this. I want to make sure Nemu really is dead know why Kotori rejected that happiness saying it was “weird”…

Now excuse me while I go watch Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~ episode four raw SINCE I CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT FOR SUBS ANYMORE!!! >_<

4 thoughts on “Da Capo if – Kotori Centered OVA

  1. I really REALLY hated nemu enough that i couldn’t bear to finish Da Capo, and even though Kotori was only in one of the episodes i saw, i really really loved her character. I’m glad she finally got her man, even if its only hypothecially!

  2. I liked the ending to Da Capo, did like the ending to Da Capo 2 as well.

    Now it feels as if they´ve mixed Kotori up with Nanaka, which isn´t really what I wanted to see.

    Nor did I want to see Nemu dead :(

    Animation quality have risen a bit though, which I enjoy. I need to see how this ends.

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