Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae


Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae was one of the anime from Fall ’08 that I looked forward to. I made that choice while I was still watching the first season, but after finishing the second season…I realized Mitsuganae was unneeded.


The third season was solely to milk the Jigoku Shoujo franchise, nothing more. I was a bit glad that on the second season, Futakomori, Enma showed SOME sort of emotions while sending people off to hell. But this time around, they went overboard and just make her do stupid sh!t, like dress up like a bee or do that marathon thing. I admit, it was cute, but didn’t “fit” with the whole Jigoku Shoujo theme.

I didn’t finish the series, there’s no way I would…or will be able to…so I don’t know the story on why Enma returned nor why she’s has hot yuri secks inside that girl…but after watching a few episodes of stupid short stories and even stupid-er ways to send people to hell…I don’t really care. Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae is something to avoid if you really like Jigoku Shoujo and don’t want it to be ruined. The first two season did what they were supposed to do and ended very good…Mitsuganae shouldn’t even have been aired…

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae gets ONE KIRA smile from Wanyuudou…outta FIVE


12 thoughts on “Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

  1. “…make her do stupid sh!t, like dress up like a bee or do that marathon thing. I admit, it was cute, but didn’t “fit” with the whole Jigoku Shoujo theme.”

    I haven’t watched the first two seasons and even I thought some of the things they did was a bit out of tune.

  2. I’m having similar feelings toward Nanoha. The first two seasons were nothing short of amazing, but strikers has been a disappointment from the start.

  3. @rayearthblue: At least StrikerS had SOME elements that made the Nanoha series good…plot twist, emotional scenes, talking devices and massive shounen-esque attacks! ;)

    Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae had all the elements that made the Jigoku Shoujo series bad…Kikuri, boring short stories, stupid short stories, no Enma Ai story, and stupid reasons to send people to hell…

  4. I agree… Sure it have been more nice to have the cliffhanger of having Ai either dead or alive instead of stretching out the story and thus making it more senseless. I also anticipated watching this series because I also watched the first two series but yeah, I also felt that season 3 is needlessly created just to earn $. Story & plot wise, I really don’t see the clear picture why Ai should come back and why she has to do the job again when she just abandoned it when she saved that boy (years ago?) prior to the 2nd series.

    I don’t know but many viewers didn’t liked that last episode plot of Jigoku Shoujo 2 but for me, it was the thing that saved Jigoku Shoujo from the category of senseless. Then again, they did another one…

  5. I still need to watch the last 4 episodes of the first season then watch the second season,mann i’m behind lol and were already talking about the thrid season.

  6. I’m going the full length on this season, it’s finally starting into Enma Ai story territory at ep 13. The first two seasons were awesome and this one has been odd compared to them but I’m still enjoying it.

  7. I am enjoying the 3rd season, granted I wish the episodes would start with story and keep going with story rather than wait halfway through the season to start the story just as seasons 1 and 2 did. Granted 3 is pretty lame on the sending to hell department, but I’ve been watching it merely to find out what is going on and what will happen. Poor Akie…

  8. I’m still in season 2 but I’m planning to watch season 3 out of curiosity. Jigoku Shoujo rocks- I have no intention of leaving season 3 unwatched. But then again, I have a nagging feeling that it IS going to be senseless.

    Anyway, with season 3 or not, Jigoku Shoujo rocks! :)

  9. nici macar nu intelegeti ce sunt cu pozele astea,dac’ vreti sa stiti mai multe scrieti pe youtube jigoku shoujo-ake ni somaro sau jigoku shoujo-i’m your sacrifece,dar dac’ vreti sa stiti filmul adev cautati tot pe youtube

  10. If you stopped at episode twelve then you missed a really good season. I can’t understand how you could say that Mitsuganae is different from the previous 2 seasons. Jigoku Shoujo has always been slow in the first half of the season since the first season. If you had judged either of the previous two by only their first ten episodes then you would have been underwelmed too. They have also always had over the top torture scenes at the end although Ai is participating a bit more in this season. I think that this change is justified by all the things Ai has been through. In season one Ai had been doing the same thing for over 400 years without anything major happening to her but in the timeframe of seasons one and two she’s almost been sent to hell twice. It would be a little unrealistic if her demeanor hadn’t changed at all after that. I enjoyed Mitsuganae and I think you would have too if you had just given it a chance.

    • It’s not that got underwhelmed by the third season…it’s that I don’t find any reason for Enma to come back and do her thing again. The second season ended the series pretty well, it felt “complete” and “finished”…and while watching the 3rd season and thinking about what is driving Enma…I eventually stopped caring.

      I don’t think there is a good enough reason for Enma’s return for me to continue watching the 3rd season.

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