Blog Mascots – Everyone’s Doing it!

Recently, there’s been a jump in blogs that have their own mascots. I realized this after reading some comments in Dancing Queen’s post, where she announced her very own mascot. The only sites that I knew already had mascots were RIUVA, DannyChoo, and Gordonator, so after a quick search, I found a few more blogs that follow this trend.

How about we take a look at them?

Danny Choo’s Mirai and Haruka

dannychoo_suenagamirai dannychoo_suenagaharuka

Quite possibly the most famous mascots in the anime blogosphere are the Suenaga sisters from I was late to enter the whole Danny Choo thing and wasn’t aware of such a great site. And because I was new, I fell for the joke {?} saying that Mirai will have her own anime and ero game…I was excited…that is, until I read the comments…-_-

Hey, after reading Danny Choo’s biography and where he worked at, who wouldn’t believe his story? Or maybe I’m too gullible as I still don’t really think it’s a joke…

Anyways, these two have some history:

Mirai is an eternal 17 years old. Mirai Suenaga is not what she seems. To the average Jon Doe, shes just an average school girl but what the viewer knows is that shes actually from a different time and dimension. Mirai came to Earth in the year 2009 from her home planet called Sorunia which exists in a fissure of time and space…

–From Danny Choo

These two are PROBABLY the leading influence in people making their own blog mascots. I know for sure a certain gordonator did, and I know for sure a certain 53RG10 did also! ^_^’

Gordonator’s Princess Gordenette


More often than not, mascots just spontaneously come to being when the author has a sudden surge of creativity. That seems to be the case with Gordonette. With a simple cut and paste technique, this girl came into being and is a Princess with the power of the force!!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way, beautiful and fearless Princess Gordenette of Koprulu Sector 4 embarks on a galactic quest to rescue her people and take back her beloved homeland from the evil dark lord. Skilled in ways of the Force from the Jedi Academy, Princess Gordenette must overcome all odds and at the same time find her true love. Will she succeed?

–From Gordonator

I gotta ask, for a princess who must fight the dark lord…isn’t she a bit light? Not that I’m complaining or anything! Maybe her “outfit” is part of culture! ^_^ 53RG10 Approves!

RIUVA’s Tripeman


The funniest and most absurd mascot that I know of! Really, there’s not much to say about this mascot other than it’s based of TJ Han…or so he says…

“Tripeman, short for Tripenile Mango Man, is the mascot of Riuva. He does reactions to reviews and news of everything I post here, through the use of accessories and reproductory organ enlargement.

There are four basic levels of excitement. Limp with all three wangs down would be very bad while max-ed out tri-cannons means the subject is very very exciting.

I like mangoes. I am manly. Manly man have penises. I am three times as manly as them. So a triple d*cked mango was born. And he wasn’t bad ass enough, so I added wings. OOOOHH so so manly.”


We are now reaching the realm of new mascots. The first three were the ones I already knew existed, following this are the one I found with a simple search. I’m sure there are other hidden somewhere in their own corner of the internet, but these were the easy ones to find! ^_^’

By the way, these are ordered by date of the post!

The Deathseeker’s Ruri Kiraneko


This mascot belongs to Panther, who blogs on The Deathseeker…and I gotta say, this mascot is awesome in more than one way. For one, adding nekomimi AND a ponytail was pure genius! {Why didn’t I think of that?} And two, this mascot has such a moe character! Just read her introduction post and you’ll see!

“As you can see Daddy’s beside me helping me with this first post of mine, he’s just letting me do all the typing since this is supposed to be a self-introduction. But I’m so new to all this! Ado-ne. Oops, “ado-ne” is just something I happened to pick up, but I got told it’s fine because it’s unique. I hope you all don’t mind. ^_^”

–Ruri on her introduction post

You can see how much thought Panther put into Ruri. He may not be able to draw, but being able to give her a character like that shows that he is very talented! ^_^

SPOILER: I might take Panther’s offer and do a fan-art of Ruri…though it SHOULD NOT be expected any time soon as I’m busy with other stuff…

Deciphered Melody’s Suisei


I didn’t really wanted to add Suisei in this post because…well, it may look like I’m blowing my own horn. But she got a bit mad saying I was being unfair, so I gave in and decided to include her. Also, it would feel odd since she too is part of the wave of new mascots…

Suisei, like I’ve mentioned a few times already, is the mascot of my other blog Deciphered Melody, which mainly focuses on the translation of some anisongs. She would usually appear at the bottom of a page to say a few words and I would respond…

{Yes I talk with Suisei…I’m a very Ronery person…}

And just like Panther’s Ruri, Suisei to has shown some personality. She’s very moody…

MellowSPACE’s Octo-sama


Octo-sama belongs to MellowSPACE and he is the mascot/overlord/waffle maker of the blog.

We learned from RIUVA than not all mascots have to have a human figure…a food based mascot is fine too! But be cautious, these mascots are the most dangerous. Like Octo-sama here, not only does he have a mouth of love, eyes of raeg, tentacles of hatred, and shoots lazors, but he is also comes with three flavors of poison. Attempt to take him and and you’re in for a fight! ^_^

“He will lead us into the new generation! He will lead us into mSPACE future! He will cook delicious breakfast! (Or be delicious breakfast…) A huge thanks to my good friend Stevie who helped create this amazing being!”

–From MellowSPACE’s Emergency Announcement

THAT’s ????


THAT Animeblog has also jumped onto the mascot bandwagon. Their official mascot isn’t done, I don’t think they have set on a mascot yet {ideas have jumped from dangos to mahou shoujo trap Impz}, but even so, they get a mention here.

Besides, everyone already believed Impz was the mascot…

Yoroshiku’s Yoro-chan


Sometimes, people want a mascot but don’t have the time to make one, but they have a sudden surge of luck, like in Kielmaru’s case. He won a contest from Heart’s Content and Sixten, an amazing artist, drew a mascot for his blog!

And what else would Kielmaru ask for but a megane-wearing loli with neko mimi and tail? ^_^

How a Girl Figures’ Hanako Sakae


It wasn’t enough for Dancing Queen to get her very own tan, she also got her very own mascot, drawn by her friend from Malcontent Content! Having plenty of friends/connection is a good thing dontcha think? ^_^

“Now i just grabbed her name from a Japanese Baby name site. Supposedly Hanako means Flower Child and Sakae means Prosperous. No real meaning behind that name but i just like how it sounded. Plus How A Girl Figures’ Hanako sounded nice as well.”

–From Meet Hanako Sakae

Meimi132 no Itonami’s ????


Another blogger on the process of making a mascot. Although unnamed, this mascot is getting lots of attention to the way she looks first and the artist, Meimi132, is trying out lots of different outfits, hair, and poses, and so far, things are looking pretty good!

I look forward to the finished product!

This is just my preference, but I like the short haired version better!

Aquilla’s Ibaim


This is the most colorful mascot here, the colors are really loud! ^_^

“Her name stands for “Intergalactic blog and illustration mascot.” I wanted to go for a sort of spacey cutie look and here’s what I ended up with.”

–From Blog Mascot?

Mascots, I think, add originality and flavor a blog. Yeah, the author’s writing style is enough of personal touch, but a mascot adds that little extra spice that makes a blog a bit more unique than all the other ones of the same nature. Even more so if the author gives the mascot a personality and allows it to write on the post. Like Panther’s Ruri and my Suisei!

Adding a little more spice to your blog isn’t so bad. Although some mascots aren’t made by the blog owner, it still gives the blog that small flavor of originality.

But I seriously don’t think it’s that much original since most mascots are girls riding the moe train, except for Tripeman, Octo-sama, and Baka-Raptor, now those are what I call original! ^_^’ But that is not going to stop me, nor bloggers, from making a mascot!

I wonder how many more bloggers will jump on the mascot bandwagon…

25 thoughts on “Blog Mascots – Everyone’s Doing it!

  1. Quite true. I was one of the first to be on the so-called bandwagon when no one else was doing it, so heh.

    Nice touch with the “ronery”. :p Ruri is also off the blog ever since October’s end I believe, since no one ever really bothered about her, though she still exists! Except I lost all her data thanks to me stupidly deleting the wrong folder. :(

  2. nice combination post there!
    I can draw but I never bothered making a mascot.
    I guess it would be a better idea than stealing random newtype scans every few months for a seasonal banner though – but JP and I wouldn’t agree with it cause he’d want some gay robot but I’d want some tsunderekko

  3. Muuuhahahhahahahahaaha LAZORS. Mascots are fun. There was no way in hell i’d be able to get some sort of animu girly girl as a mascot. I had to go for something manly and delicious. <– Don’t read into that.

  4. @Panther: The acronym tag, my favorite HTML tag EVAR! It allows me to give extra info to unsuspected readers! ;)

    @Baka-Raptor: Genderbenders are Everywhere!

    And Chibi Baka-Raptor-tan > Raptorko

    @Hinano: Make the tsunderekko and tell him, just him, that it’s a robot in disguise! ^_^

    @mellow_bunny: Don’t worry…we got that same message the first time! ;)

  5. I always loved mascots, blog mascots, sports mascots, tv mascots, food branding mascots. I love em all. Thanks for compiling this post, it’s great to see everyone elses mascots.

    My main reason for making a mascot is because when I finally made a blog, I was using existing anime illustrations. This not only bothered me from an originality aspect but also I didn’t like the thought of possibly plagiarizing someone elses artwork for the sake of my blog banner.

    I’m probably going to redraw my mascot to be honest, since Ibaim is different from my usual drawing style, but I’ll be keeping the general idea and colours. I just love bright colours.

  6. “Sometimes, people with no skill in something are compensated for something else, and in Kielmaru’s case, it’s luck.”

    I wouldnt say I have no skill. ;_; I just dont have time.

  7. wow nice summarised post of all the mascot from various anime bloggers. thanks for mentioning Princess Gordenette as well. She has undergone an upgrade and is now looking prettier than before. ^^

  8. @Aquilla: I never really thought about plagiarizing and banners…I just made the mascot because I was bored. ^_^’

    I’ll look forward for your re-draw!

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Ah, sorry about that, I just assumed so…

    I’ll change it right away.

    @blissmo: Oh a new passenger on the mascot bandwagon! ;)

    @gordon: I was going to use that newer image of her, but it was black and white and had “Work in Progress” stamped on it.

    @Impz: Even if comes out “looking” like you?

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  10. @Hynavian: I suspect a “Claymore” inspired mascot is in the works?

    @kanzeon: Will you use your own manga character as a mascot?

    @Shin: Anonymous doesn’t come here, so your request won’t be fulfilled… :(

  11. Such a summary of all the anime blog that have a mascot for their own blog. Some really have some weird mascot like Tripeman & octo-sama. I do want to create one but I don’t have the skill.

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