My Gripe With Anime – Unrelated Siblings

NOTE: I’m not too sure if they are related or not…the anime hasn’t said yet…

This has got to be one of the most annoying plot devices in anime. This device is usually found on harem anime…like the most famous one, DaCapo…which was really the anime that caused my hatred for the “Unrelated Siblings” plot device.

“For one, I don’t buy that living with someone {who is not related to you} since childhood would make you fall in love. I think the opposite would happen, you would just treat that person as a part of the family…I don’t have, or know anyone with, this experience, so my opinion holds no ground and I’m just saying what I think.

–From Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ Post

Unrelated Siblings refers to just what it says, to a brother and sister that ARE NOT RELATED TO EACH OTHER but live in the same house and call each other ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ and treat each other as such. But as the series progresses, they “find out” towards the end that they have feelings for each other and live happily ever after…

THAT!! THAT RIGHT THERE! That’s is the thing that pisses me off. >_<


It’s not the “they live happily ever after” part, it’s the fact that it happened in the LAST FEW FRICKIN’ EPISODES OF THE ANIME!!! They take about 1/4 or so of the series getting the male lead create a strong relationship with a girl or two, and make him “fall in love”. But as the series is about to end, for some wild crazy reason his feeling go a 180 degree and are now directed at the person he treated like family FOR HIS WHOLE FRICKIN’ LIFE and falls in love with her!!!


WHAT!? What the f**K!!??? What about the bonds you created, what about the ‘feelings’ you had? Were they fake, were you driving under the influence of penOO!? Just because your sister did something that made your heart beat doesn’t mean you are in f*ken love with her!!



*sigh* Seriously, it’s as if everything before the falling in love with the sister got thrown out the window…

This is one of my most hated plot devices in harem anime…and trust me, it appears quite often. But why do I continue to watch harem anime. Well, because usually, the story and characters are actually worth the watch, like Canvas 2, or, gasp, DaCapo II SS! Sometimes there some needed drama, like in Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~, but it won’t save the anime unless it’s at the DaCapo II SS level.

But no matter the story or characters, the “Unrelated Siblings” plot device will be one thing that I’ll hate about anime…

I FINALLY get out my first “My Gripe With Anime” post since I introduced the idea more than half a year ago. Damn…this is the longest I’ve procrastinated ever…new record for me!!

I guess I should get to finishing those other topics I have for this category… -_-


20 thoughts on “My Gripe With Anime – Unrelated Siblings

  1. Yes. I agree with all of this. Unrelated siblings suck and creep me out. It’s worse than that old (mostly shoujo) cliche where two people dating find out they might be related, but still date or something. Because at least they met and built a romantic relationship before finding that stuff out. And they at least seem to feel guilty and all emo over it.

    Someone you’ve treated like a sibling your whole life, but then suddenly decide is hot enough to be your girlfriend or something…ew! I have both a brother and someone I’ve treated like a brother all my life and it’s just…disgusting.

    Bleh. Thanks for writing this though.

  2. I just noticed…I misspelled “related” in that motivator…”’orz

    @Snark Like childhood friends? That should be another topic…but it’s kinda the same as “Unrelated Siblings”… -_-

    @Fuyu Maiden: Actually, I like that “we’re lovers but we have no idea were related” plot device. It makes for some great emotional drama!

    And, um, You’re Welcome! ^_^

    {I’ve never been thanked for writing something…}

    @omen: This effect was on by itself…I think I had it last year too…>_>

  3. What’s worse on that cliche is that they still say “onii-chan” even though they already knew that they aren’t related and they’re falling in love with each other -_-. Totally agree with everything you’ve just said. I enjoyed Gift ~eternal rainbow~, Kirino being emo/yandere at the end is just awesome.

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  5. LOL. What the heck? If this kind of ‘unrelated siblings turn lovers’ plots really annoy you so much, why bother to watch anime at all? You are only digging your own grave. There are tons of plot devices that you can’t buy in animes. It’s really silly to take them seriously. (ANIME= F(_)CK1NG SERIOUS BUSINESS is only for retards). One has to know how to draw a line between fiction & reality.

    Though I also don’t think that unrelated siblings would most likely to fall in love with each other in the real world & I’m not into real or pseudo incest, I have no complain for such shows. I see this kind of stuffs as a factor to laugh at. Somehow I don’t see why you people are so much in ‘pain’ about it. You’re so disgusted with it, yet you decided to watch it only to be annoyed in the end. And then you start to complain about it because you don’t like this kind of stuff. Don’t you think that you’re making a fool out of yourself there?

    I’ve been watching quite many animes & as I said before, there are a LOT of things that you just can’t take seriously. One simple example is when a guy suddenly fall down or tripped & his hand landed on a girl’s breasts. It’s the most overused fanservice in anime or ero-games. Can you really buy that scene to happen in the real world all the time? Or what about when the girl tripped & her panties got exposed? Or one of those “Whoops, I tripped over & accidentally kiss the girl/guy”?

    Aside from those fanservices, there are many other silly stuffs like, children who are like less than 10 years old but already know how to fall in love. Not to mention, the ‘2 persons who had acquainted with each other during childhood, got separated, then reunited by fate but only one of them remember about the other’ kind of plot. Can you seriously buy that story? No, of course not because it’s not real. I barely remember any of my childhood classmates.

    My point here is simple: If you don’t like the stuff, then don’t watch it even if the story and characters are worth the watch. It’s not like your rants will change anything. You may think that you’ll ‘be satisfy to let your rants out & get some people to agree with you. But as long as you hold a grudge over it, your mind can never be at ease. You’ll find yourself to keep griping until you grow over it (& that will be when you reach certain level of maturity)

    If you’re not satisfy with it, write your own story rather than just grumbling & show other people how good your ideas are. When you think that the story / resolution is lame, surely that means that you have better ones in mind. Let’s see how creative you are. :)

  6. @heaven moon: Longest Comment EVAR!!!

    I continue to watch anime despite my hatred for this ‘unrelated siblings’, and other overused plots, because I am well aware that ANIME != F*CK1NG SERIOUS BUSINESS!! I have a high tolerance level and can watch just about anything, but there are times when even the simplest of dumbest thing gets me. This post was when that happened. And yes, it makes me look like a fool, and I don’t care, it’s the reason I made this blog…to write thing I just have to get off my chest…and to just have fun.

    But I’m serious about hating this plot theme, reasons up there in the post…and I don’t think I’ll get over it…but like I said, I have a high tolerance level and I’ll be able to watch another anime with the same plot without any problems.

    And no, I won’t write a story…me grumbling over others’ story is fun enough! ^_^

  7. Taken from one of the dictionary:

    tolerance (ABILITY TO BEAR)
    noun [U]
    the ability to bear something unpleasant or annoying, or to continue existing despite disadvantageous conditions

    When you said that you have high tolerance about it, I assumed that you can deal with the annoying things without problem. But as far as I see it, you can’t seems to calm down without letting the issue off your chest. That is not what I call tolerance. And it’s way too far from what you called ‘HIGH’ tolerance.

    As dumb as the issue can be, I don’t see any good reason for anyone to get stress over it. In fact, it’s not worthed to be stress about. It’s only killing your brain cells. You may think that you’re having fun writing off your disapproval, but deep inside you know that it’s still stabbing you (you can deny it as much as you want but it’s the truth).

    I used to be like you in the past, being sensitive over these trivial stuffs. But somehow I manage to get over that problem. I mean, what’s the big deal with anyone who has chosen his unrelated sister to be his lover? If that’s what he wanted, so be it. No need to make a fuss about it just because you don’t like his choice. He’s not real anyway.

    You have your own life & you know that you won’t take the same path he’d taken. Isn’t that good enough? Why bother getting frustrated with characters that didn’t even exist in the 1st place? Fun? I don’t think I can see the fun side of it. Being frustrated about fictional characters was never a fun thing. You wrote all of those complaints & post them here because you wanted attention. Your soul just can’t hold those negative emotions. That’s why you got pissed off & decided to express it.

    Rather than being over-emotional over an anime, I think it’s better to take some lessons from it. Some people will be like, “Damn, my favourite/preferred girl doesn’t get her love. Die *male lead* die.” Another reaction is “Please don’t end up with that bitch” but then finally say “Humph, that idiot can stay with that bitch. My favourite/preferred girl deserve a better person.”

    Instead, why can’t you have some positive thought like, “Ah, my favourite/preferred girl didn’t get her happiness. But I’m glad that she manage to move on with her life.” People should have learned from the losing character how to move on instead of holding a grudge over it.

    Eventhough some of my favourite characters got rejected, I’m happy enough to see their strong will to live on. I always take that strength as an inspiration. Learning how the character can grow strong & apply that strength to yourself. Now that’s FUN to me.

    A weak loser in love can just keep on being miserable & may commit suicide OR hold a grudge against the won rival & do anything to sabotage his/her happiness. But a stronger loser in love will decide to carry on living & started a new chapter in

    This also applies to the character’s fans. Those who keep on barking just because their favourite one had lost or the one they hated had won are just poor sore-losers. IMO, they don’t deserve to refer themselves as fans. But those who hold no grudge and following their ‘lost’ favourite one in moving on are the TRUE FANS. Your character may lose in love but he/she wins in life.

    Back to being pissed off about something, I remember how I used to loathe gays & lesbians, both in animes & real-life. But now, I’ve ‘opened my mind’ to those things. I’m not saying that I’ve joined them, NO! But I’m trying to see it from their view. I don’t mind about it anymore.

    I also do the same thing with the incest or pseudo-incest issue. I’m neither supporting nor against it. Incest or whatever in animes, just laugh it off. If you can’t do that, stay away from it when you see the ‘signs’. It’s better to avoid a disease than to cure it. (yes, hatred is a disease). Don’t let those animes control your life. :D

  8. @heaven moon: Aww…you made me eat my words about the longest comment evar…=_=

    Sometimes the annoying things get to me, but letting it off your chest and putting it out there, if only at least once, actually help me deal with it the next time it happens. Since I have already taken it off my chest, I won’t have that little voice behind my head telling me how annoyed I am.

    After publishing this post…believe it or not, I’ve been fine with incestuous relationships…I mean…I read a To-Love-Ru doujin about Mikan and Rito…and it didn’t faze me at all! I’m sure if I watch and incestuous ending…even if the characters aren’t actually related…in a [future] anime I won’t be as bothered as I was when I made this post.

    It’s better to get things off your chest rather than keeping it bottled up and letting yourself get more annoyed/angry. And I chose to get it off with this post…

    The reason I keep coming back to anime and watching these types of shows is because I do find them fun. Yes, it’s even fun to be angry at the things the characters do…and it’s also fun to be happy for them when something good happens. That is why I like anime…the characters aren’t real, but sometimes they make you feel for the them. I may squeal, yes squeal, at the screen in happiness, or shout in anger , but in the long run, I can say I had fun watching it…no matter how generic the anime.

    I may take anime a tad bit more serious than you, and I’m well aware anime is not serious business…but I enjoy it nonetheless. And if something pisses me off…or makes me happy…I’ll post about it!! ^_^

    Oh…and I can’t avoid a disease I already have…>_>

  9. If you can’t avoid the disease, then prevent it from growing even worse & try to find a way to at least counter those negativity.

    For me, the best way to get over those annoyed feelings is by putting myself in the character’s role. It’s tough especially for those who hated the issue/character so much. Some people might don’t want to understand it while some others have no confidence in making through with the challenge. Hence, they keep on hating it forever.

    But if you manage to empathize yourself with the character & understand the situation, maybe your hatred level will drop to the point where you would never make a fuss about it anymore.

    Of course, some people would be too lazy to tell their mind to STFU & take the easy way by spreading out the negative force to relieve themselves. But I don’t think that it’s that much effective. Those negativisms can always come back anytime.

    If you don’t feel like getting your mind to work up, then I guess the other option is to grow tired of hating the issue (should be easier than the earlier method, I think). When I find that it’s hard to emphatize myself with the character/issue, I just tell myself not to care about it anymore as nothing can be gain from it.

    Having negative thoughts are fine but you have to keep it under control. Too much positiveness is also not a good thing. You’ll turn into a maniac like retarded fangirl/boy. <_<

    In any way, both negative & positive thoughts can drive you crazy if they cross over your limit. Like I said, when your favourite character got rejected, undoubtly you’ll feel sad too. But don’t let that sadness to go over the limit where it can make you hate the other character that you wished him/her to die. Not only it’s pointless, you might get nothing either. Well, it probably caught the producers’ attention that they decided to make an alternative ending (just to fill up their pocket with the fanboys/girls’ money :D)

    For me, I like to see the bright side despite the sad ending. Like in AIR, most people don’t want it to end the way it did. But I think it’s good enough to see that the girl manage to get what she targetted for eventhough for a short moment. As for ‘School Days’, it’s a tragic & you may want to avoid to be in such situation. Just because you’ve lost one’s heart, doesn’t mean you can’t find another. Let it be a lesson to all :)

    Back to incest issue in anime, eventhough I can’t see the positive aspect of it, I do understand the feeling of loving someone & the love feeling that’s just hard to let go. Most people think it’s weird not to mention disgusting to fall in love with a sibling/relative. But I think as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, I have nothing to gripe about.

    For me, it’s much more weird to be over-emtional about fake/true incest in anime. It’s as if your mind is here but your body is in the anime doing the incest stuff that your mind hate so much. Otherwise, it might be that you are bias against the pairing or you want the other pairing. If it’s none of those, then maybe the characters / story / entertainment is just not up to your standard of expectation. :)

    Anyway, we’ll see how your tolerance will progress from now onwards. ;) Hoping that you will encounter another ‘bad siscon’ ending sooner. :P

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