Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – Best reaction to pr0n EVAR!!


Usually after that expected trade-mark reaction, the girl would either put the pr0n mag down red with embarrassment and walk away, or confiscate the pr0n mag red with anger and beat the hell outta the guy for being a pervert. But what does our princess do?




Innocent curiosity FTW!

And Minato gets some more awesome point for showing Yuuhi the super secret stash of The Genokiller! Making for a REALLY NICE SHOT! ^_^’

Lastly, I thought it was weird for Genokiller to be nice to Yuuhi and her cooking…usually he would have run away for his life. I guess he’s nicer during his birthday…

8 thoughts on “Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – Best reaction to pr0n EVAR!!

  1. Certainly, quite a funny reaction XD but I also was impressed with Minato’s vast knowledge on h-stuff… that’s more than fraternal love.

    I’ve found myself laughing a lot with this series despite some reaaally stupid moments like the Jedi Master vs. Tako fight (and most of the scenes involving octopuses…). I lol’d when Junichi’s dad remembered the birthday and left the rooftop with the blond guy (“Yay, I’m saved…… Oh, f*ck…”), but by now, I want some drama in this series, after all, this is romantic-comedy and not just comedy, isn’t it?

    BTW, my name is Sergio too, so double greetings for you XD

  2. @lolikitsune: I thought a few other things were funny…like what amalek said…but this one takes the cake!

    @amalek: Yo Sergio! I agree, things are pretty stupid, but I can’t help but like Akane-Iro!

    You will get your drama starting next episode! ;)

  3. @Kairu Ishimaru: Yeah that was funny…but it’s not the best reaction because it was the expected “put the magazine down red with embarrassment and walk away” reaction…

  4. Finally, a fresh new female outlook on pr0n, ei? ;)

    The MangAnime world needs moar ladies like Minato and Yuuhi as well as perverts like Takako and Kuroko. ^^

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