Skip Beat! – MOAR LOVE


Oh wow, totally didn’t expect Kotonami to be in the Love Me Section! ^_^’ She acted like a b!tch in the beginning, she had awesome acting skills, so I guess they think it’s a right…like the girls in the training department…>_> Anyways, I thought she would be another source of motivation for Kyoko. But it turned out she too is missing the most important thing to a human…ass kissing love.

The b!itch in her was temporary though…just like the b!itch in Ruriko…and the b!tch brat in Maria-chan…ha…I see a trend here…anyone meeting Kyoko gets a character change for the good. Even those girls in training…they still acted b!tchy, but it was more of a tsuntsun b!tchy, which can always be forgiven! ^_^’

We only got a bit of Moko-chan in this arc, which belonged to Maria-chan, so I’m looking forward in seeing more Moko-chan and more interaction with Kyoko…which brings out a whole different character outta Moko-chan!

As for Kyoko…

I was going to use a picture of her smiling…but I f*ken love Evil Kyoko!

…she’s still awesome!!

She’s still after her revenge, but it seems she’s conscious of her ‘motivation’. She knows she’s just doing it to get revenge on Sho and to ‘catch-up’ to Ren…and kinda sort of questioning it…but there’s also the feeling of happiness and enjoyment in acting. I guess it won’t be long before she is in show-biz because she likes it and not because of revenge.

Also, unlike with Ruriko, she caught on to Maria’s problem pretty quick. She could have stopped because of Maria’s tears and “convincing” acting…but she realized the reason why Maria-chan was so against that script and kept going. In the Ruriko arc, if her willing attitude to continue despite her injury isn’t that of a professional, then this one, where she not only improvised the lines but changed the meaning with the tone of her voice, is!! ^_^

All she needs now is the ability to love her audience! That’s what the Love Me Section is for! ^_^

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