Unofficial Chibi Blogger-Tans


One lazy Sunday morning, 53RG10 felt like he wanted to do something. But he was tired of his usual ‘schedule’. He didn’t want to watch any anime, he didn’t want to surf the web, he didn’t want to translate a song, he didn’t want to visit other blogs, and he didn’t wanted to play video games.

It’s not that he was feeling lazy…no, he WANTED to do something…anything to take away the boredom…but he didn’t want to do those things he was so used to doing.

So while thinking what to do, he unconsciously opened up The G.I.M.P. and stared at a white empty area begging to get drawn on. Then it hit him, it was ‘something’ he wanted to do for a long time but never actually sat down to think on what to base that ‘something’ on. That ‘something’ is a “tan”, a cute female mascot-like character based on what the ‘artist‘ sees a certain ‘object’ as. For example, XP-tan, based on the Windows XP OS, or Wii-tan, based on the Nintendo Wii…

He was thinking what to make a ‘tan’ out off…then for some reason, Baka-Raptor came to mind. But Baka-Raptor already has a ‘mascot’…53RG10 didn’t care, he decided to make that ‘mascot’ a tan. And so, his mouse started to move and before he knew it, he had drawn 6 different tans from different bloggers…all in a span of 6 hours…

He wanted to show you guys the tans yesterday…but he was out and walking around the mall…but today, 53RG10 put the finishing touches to the “sketch 2” {uncolored mid-quality} tans and decided to show you guys so you can all bash him for being a complete weirdo…

Okay, now that my ‘story’ is outta the way, here’s a few notes:

First, I made this based on what I know about the blogger
Second, I didn’t ask the blogger in question for permission, and
Third, these are just for the LULZ…no offense intended

Baka Raptor-tan


One thing that may seem odd, is the tsundere nature of this tan. Why tsundere? Well, a few months back, Baka-Raptor was talking about how he was doing stuff to “sell out“…yeah, a very ‘manly’ way to put it. But we all know that he just wanted to “be loved”! Just go to that post and change all the “sell out” to “be loved” and you’ll see!! ^_^ Such a tsundere!!

You can pretty much guess why she’s wearing a dinosaur suit! ^_^

Anime Princess-tan


This is pretty much explanatory. This is a tan for Lostty and her blog Anime Princess. This was the easiest to draw, I didn’t have to think of anything since, well, “princess” pretty much tells you what to base the tan on! ^_^ I suck at making tiaras or crowns so it look a bit weird…but she’s till cute right?

By the way, that Kanji on her tiara means “princess”.

Tea Shop BeLoved-tan


This was more challenging than the others. This tan is based on deftoned and his blog Tea Shop BeLoved. I knew that I had to make a maid outta Tea Shop BeLoved because…well, it’s a tea shop!! That wasn’t the challenging part. The challenging part was trying to make the tan look confident because deftoned always knows what he’s talking about and he can back up what he says with examples. I’m not sure if I got that ‘confidence’ down…

How a Girl Figures-tan


This is one that I enjoyed drawing! This tan is based on Dancing Queen and her blog How A Girl Figures. Knowing Dancing Queen’s hobby, I just had to draw a small figure next to her. I was going to draw one of her newer ones…but I thought it would be funny to have a Limited Edition Chibi Baka Raptor-tan has her figure!! ^_^

The initials on her hair clip is for her MySpace anime group Anime In Progress…which has been slowly dying…

Atarashii Prelude-tan



This is the one I had the most fun drawing! This one is based on Shin and his blog Atarashii Prelude. If you’ve been reading Shin’s blog, you’ll know why the tan is chasing a loli! I was thinking of adding a random loli, but I decided to make Atarashii Prelude-tan chase the mascot of my other blog…Deciphered Melody’s Suisei!

Poor Suisei… ;(

I was going to put the Kanji for ‘Atarashii’ as a hair clip…but something else was more fitting! ;)

These were pretty fun to draw. They made the boredom go away in an instant and made me enjoy a boring lazy day! Perhaps, maybe, if I feel like it…I’ll make some more. {But I won’t make any promises.}

18 thoughts on “Unofficial Chibi Blogger-Tans

  1. my poor poor group has been dying slowly but it’s only cause instead of focusing my asttnetion to ym group 24/7 like i used to. i know focus it on my blog. but i love my tan! and i would totally buy a baka-raptor-tan figure!


    Very nice though. Hahahahhaa! Sock are perfect. She reminds me of a cross between Hazuki in Sketchbook and a hint of Akari from To Heart. She should also be carry Bardiche with her. :P Awesome nonetheless!

  3. I love them! They’re all so cute!
    Your creativity throughout the drawings is amazing, you truly have a talent! I love my tan and all the others, awesomeness indeed! :D

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  5. Thanks everyone! ^_^

    @deftoned: The first draft had glasses on, but I couldn’t make it “look right” in this version…>_> As for a weapon…a broom will be very fitting to a maid!! (Equipped with the cartridge system of course!!!!)

    @Shin: Dunno, after you said that, I was scared to look under her skirt… -_-

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