CLANNAD ~After Story~ – I Waited for This

Sanae-san Bread +

Akiko-san Jam =


Kanon reference FTW!!! ^_^ I somehow knew that somewhere someone will make the deadliest combination of food EVAR!! And it’s that much more satisfying if Kyoto Animation was the one to do it!

10 thoughts on “CLANNAD ~After Story~ – I Waited for This

  1. That’s some flashy bread. I’m pretty sure human can’t eat light super flashy lights. I like the fight scene, though Okazaki was beaten hard. He even got a hard slam on head. Uwaa~

  2. Even if I had my doubts about the jam, the way Nagisa’s smiling while holding the jam is just too cute for me to not eat it~

  3. @ncki: That’s the power of the jam…even if you don’t taste it…you’ll cr@p your pants at the mention of it!!

    @Andrei-kun: That was one immensely exaggerated blow…I wonder how he survived…

    @Leviathean: I know what you mean…and I would prefer for her to breathe it on me! ;)

  4. I can’t believe it. Nagisa pulled off the “Boy being brutally beaten, hands covering face” Moe mode.

    Anyway. Is it just me or is her “Tomoya-kun” pronuciation getting cuter each episode?

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