Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – Vectors for You!!

Click Image for Original 1809×1024 Size

Click Image for Original 1809×1024 Size

I don’t know why I made them so big when I was just going to use them for a header…-_-

I used them for what I was going to use them for, and since I suck at making wallpapers there’s no need for me to keep them, but it would be a waste to just delete them so I’ll put them here in case someone would like to use them…

8 thoughts on “Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – Vectors for You!!

  1. Nice, why is it that everyone can make vectors but not me!!

    I also want to make vectors of the favourite girls and all from the anime I watch!!

    Oh well, hopefully I´ll learn since I´m learning Illustrator at the moment. Since I think that´s what people use.

    Nice vectors. As they say, bigger is better :p

  2. @Shin: You’re welcome!

    @7: I know, but I was wondering how good it was…until I checked it out and realized it was made for Vectoring…but I’m fine with Photoshop and/or The G.I.M.P…

  3. Bingo :) Adobe Illustrator. And from what I´ve seen it works brilliant. But I haven´t learned how to take an image from a existing one and make that into a vector. I´ll have to ask my teacher if I could get the basics for that as well.

    But I don´t think I´ll be able to make vectors from existing images. The stuff I´ve been learning is basic stuff. But I do know how to make a table and vases for flowers now…

    Hopefully tomorrow I´ll be able to make butterflies as well.

  4. i love these anime pics. these that are posted on here are one of a kind for me. mainly because i love to draw anime characters.

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