Skip Beat – My Favorite Anime Of Fall?

Yay for Chibi-Mode!

Dunno if it is just yet…but it is definitely a pretty strong contender! After watching episode two, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to see what was going to happen next. This anime has a nice way of pushing me to the edge of the cliff and leave me hanging on it. By the time I think “What is Kyoko gonna do now?” I’m watching the ending sequence! ^_^’

After the first episode I was wondering how she would go into show-biz…probably by stalking another talent director or something…but she was instead accepted into the Kiss Ass Love Me Section of L.M.E., a section made just for her. This section is supposed to help her kiss ass help talents and gain points which will in turn allow her to make a debut…provided she has enough points, so I thought it was a bit weird for her to accept the invitation. I mean, she DID get betrayed the person she kissed ass slaved herself for the most…I guess revenge is more than enough motivation…


Kyoko is a pretty interesting character. It might be because of her and her change from normal Kyoko to Evil Kyoko to Fan-girl Kyoko (that make up scene) that I’m addicted to Skip Beat. Kyoko’s Pandora Box has been opened and is now love-less evil girl who won’t take sh!t from anyone…but since we all know what lies at the bottom of Panodora’s Box…I’m pretty confident she won’t turn into an unlikeable character…I’ll leave that to the rest of the show-biz talents (Ruriko = Ugh! ). She may be driven by revenge, but she’s more innocent and trusting, which thus turns her evil when she gets betrayed rendering the Kiss Ass Love Me plan kinda useless…

I can’t wait to see more! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Skip Beat – My Favorite Anime Of Fall?

  1. Moko-samaaaa, Kyoko-samaa <3
    This show is made of PURE WIN, and I pity the ones who have become too jaded to enjoy this show ;__;

    Kyoko’s gotta be one of the best female characters in anime/manga to date. She deserves a shrine!

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