Moetan – LOLI AND GAR!? Does not Compute…


Judge for yourself:


I like it when an anime doesn’t take itself too seriously and just goes on a wild tangent! ^_^ And that’s what the 13th episode of Moetan basically was, it “ended” on episode 12, so I guess this was a special DVD Episode?

Anyway, Moetan was basically an anime that didn’t take itself too seriously and just threw stuff at our face for the sole reason of entertainment, moe, and fanservice! Although there was SOME tiny bit of plot to it with the whole Magic Kindom thing and the whole Nijihara Ink X Nao-kun thing, at it’s core it was just a crazy random and fanservice filled anime riding on the fine line of p3do!

Moetan isn’t really an anime for everyone. If you’re too uptight about seeing “loli” characters in suggestive situations and clothing, then give it a pass. If you want some substance and plot…give it a pass.

If you’re totally fine with an anime ridiculing itself and just throwing a bit “morality” out the window and has random sh!t that has to do NOTHING with the anime or story, little that there is, then give it a try. Moetan was a good entertaining anime that had me laughing every episode, and it might do the same to you! ^_^

And so, to end this post, have some LOLI:

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