ToraDora! – Teh Rie doesn’t get old

Wow, the guys are having bad first episodes! One would think I would get tired of Kugimiya Rie playing yet another small tsundere loli with a temper problem…but seeing that I managed to finish “Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo” riding on Rie power, I think that won’t ever be the case! I won’t have […]

HYAKKO – Promoting Delinquency

So first episode we get ditching classes, interrupting classes, eating during class hours, assaulting teachers, and vandalism…hmm, I think I may like this anime! ^_^ Other pluses: Hirano Aya & “Comedic Slice of Life”, I think I’m set for the Slice of Life anime of the fall. But more are welcomed! ^_^ Kyou no Go […]

Aniplex’s Crackdown Affected Me Too!

Wha!? WHERE ARE MY INTERNETS!!! …”In related news, online users in North America are reporting this month that they have received notices from their Internet service providers for allegedly sharing the anime Sekirei on BitTorrent. The notices are reportedly being spurred by letters sent by the copyright tracking firm BayTSP on behalf of a different […]