Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

The Second Season of Jigoku Shoujo was better than the first one…but only by a tiny bit. The stories of the first season were better than these ones in my opinion. But the fact that we get to see more of Enma’s minions and their stories, made watching the smaller arcs a bit more bearable. Also, it was a good seeing the minions showing a larger role in the cases, they sometimes a bit too involved, but at least it had something to do with their past and their personalities.

What I didn’t like, like I said in the first paragraph, was the stories. In the first season, those mini arcs were stories of desperation and seeing people getting pushed to the edge and resorting to the Hot Line to Hell as a last resort. But this time around, the stories were more about sinful revenge…well, ALL revenge are sinful. But what I mean is, that the Hot Line to Hell as been corrupted.

Rather than being used as a last resort for people with no options left and for people pushed to the brink of breaking down, the Hot Line to Hell was now like an easy access to sending someone to Hell. But not as desperation, but just because of stupid dumb sh!t like a insignificant quarrel or just because a person hates another for no apparent reason…like that cat mini arc. That was dumb.

I thought Enma Ai was picky about the cases she wanted to do and the souls that deserved to go to Hell…but in this season it seemed she just wanted to fill up the quota required to free her “loved ones” and took any request coming her way.

He deserves it…

But putting aside the mini arcs and looking at what Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori gave me, I’ll say that it answered every question I had and ended on a rather good conclusion. Enma Ai fulfilled what she wanted to do and can now “pass on”. The minions were wandering souls in the first place, so I was OK with them continuing to stay in the human world. It felt like a real ending and I was satisfied with Futakomori and the first season.

But now there’s a third season, a season I was anticipating while watching the second one…but now, I’m not so sure about it. I mean, Futakomori had a proper resolution and had a satisfying ending, so why is Enma Ai back and ferrying souls to Hell when she has completed her objective? Are they just milking the Jigoku Shoujo series? If anything, I’m going to watch it out of curiosity alone. I want to know why she’s back and why she still need souls…

Plus, I can’t get enough of Enma Ai!

EDIT: I just noticed…no pantsu on that last image! ^_^’

5 thoughts on “Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

  1. I agree. The 2nd season was better than the 1st one. I really liked this one. Especially Kikuri’s appearance. Nyaa~

  2. I caught only the first few episodes of the first season and even dropped it because I felt that the plot was repetitive and it was getting boring. I was expecting a horror flick to be more scary but Jigoku Shoujo seems to be touching on the more humanly side of things (and not those ‘boo’ scary issues).

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