Moetan – Yay for the Recap episode!

Wow, I’m actuall glad I saw a Recap episode! ^_^

I decided to pick this anime for the grave because…well, one can’t have enough loli!! ^_^’ But really, I dropped it and stopped watching it because it’s been in the barren wasteland of sub-less anime for a long time…but now that it’s finished, it’s time to sit down and finish it!

This episode did what it was supposed to do and then some. Along with re-introducing me to the characters and plot…there was also some delicious fanservice, like Arc’s top 5 scenes! Also, there was a Moetan Corner marathon that had me laughing because of what they “teach” you and because of the random signs they have!

I gotta say, for a recap episode, this was was pretty good! Though I don’t think I would be saying that if I watched it weekly…>_> After finishing this one, I’ll PROBABLY pick up Saint October again…if I have enough loli love to spare!

6 thoughts on “Moetan – Yay for the Recap episode!

  1. did they ever complete subbing the episodes of this show? i never went past episode 4 when the subs stopped. then i stopped looking out for it altogether.

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