BLEACH – /me got a hard on


Hehe, been waiting for this since episode 146, but I had to wait longer than expected because of yet another dumb@ss filler arc. I didn’t watch that arc, but I took glimpses while my brother was watching and grasped what it was about…and even with that limited knowledge, I thought the end of that arc sooooo anti-climatic.

I mean, they made that one captain dude {forgot his name} all powerful and practically unbeatable running on nothing but revenge and nothing would stop him until he took revenge or if he died until that thing he was wearing sucks up all his spirit power…he did die but it was stupid. All this time he was pissed of at Yamamoto but it turned out it was just a misunderstanding…and suddenly the vengeful feeling he had just disappeared like nothing along with him WITHOUT anyone actually doing anything…giving him a so call ‘honorable death’.

BULL F*KIN SH!T!! WHERE’S THE …*sigh* whatever, it’s not like I watched the WHOLE arc and wasted my time! ^_^’

All that I’m happy about is that Nel finally turned into her true form, or one of them, and gave me a hard on!! ^_^ Too bad that, just like Cirucci Thunderwitch, she’ll be short lived and her appearance will be only for a short time…a short time filled with awesomeness!!!! {Though I kinda wish Tomoko Kaneda would’ve used a more deeper mature voice…does she even have one? >_>}

7 thoughts on “BLEACH – /me got a hard on

  1. Though I kinda wish Tomoko Kaneda would’ve used a more deeper mature voice…does she even have one?

    Oh darn, I was looking forward to this episode coz I was curious how Kaneda would do adult Nel. Nonetheless, I had very low expectations from the beginning since well…she doesn’t have much variety in her voice tone-wise anyway. I’ve never heard her belt a (much) deeper mature voice before. Subdued and mature yes, but not deeper. Then again, she sounds somewhat similar in real life. >_>

    Imho, I reckon they should have casted someone like Fujimura Ayumi or Kitamura Eri for Nel since they’re both good at doing loli and mature adults, especially KitaEri. I swear she literally has like…1000 kinds of voices or something. She sounds different in almost every role she’s done. @@

  2. So I watched this. What´s so special? Don´t understand. if they had made the whole episode about Nell it would have been good. A female warrior that is actually good at fighting? me want to see!!

    But instead we get the whole damn and next ep seems to be a recap of Nells past? No thank you, I want to see some beating, not anything else.

  3. Well, I read the manga so things were a lot awesome-er…this was just me fanboying {again} about a character that won’t last long…

    You want to see Nel kicking major ass…sadly, it won’t happen…but I’ll probably get another hard one I see her in her full released form! ^_^’

  4. manga is better yes. But I still can´t find motivation to read it…

    No worries about fanboying. She is gorgeous and all, but manga must be way better than this.

    Oh well. I guess I can watch the next ep as well. No big fan of Bleach.

    And I´d hope they would let Nell kick some ass but apparently the females are always at a disadvantage in Bleach unless they are enemies.

    Anyway, Nell is great so I understand why you´re fanboying :)

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