CLANNAD ~After Story~ – Friendship

Oh such and intense episode! I was literally at the edge of my seat even though I’ve ran through this during my time with the game. This route changed of what I thought of Sunohara Youhei. I thought he was just the ‘comic relief’…as if CLANNAD needs more comedy…and never took him seriously. But Youhei’s character is actually deep and well developed. Thinking about it now, it seems like Youhei was actually pretty helpful and thoughtful during the other arcs…at least in the game he was.

We all thought he was completely ignoring Mei-chan because he was ‘busy’ with Sanae. But truth was, he was worrying over Mei-chan and how she was ‘going out’ with older guys…but he didn’t do anything because he knew the guy Mei was ‘going out’ with was Okazaki Tomoya, his best friend who he trusts the most…But lost his cool when Okazaki couldn’t fulfill his expectations and got into a fist fight with him. Even then, that fight wasn’t enough to break their friendship as they realized how stupid and funny the situation was…

But at the end of the day, Youhei will still be that comedic loser everyone will make fun of…>_>

Next ‘arc’ seems to about Misae, which makes me think that we’ll possibly see the Kappei arc, which means more Ryou for the Ryou fans. Eventually we might even see Komura’s arc since Komura has to do with Okazaki and Sunohara’s graduation. I didn’t really think those would come up when I learned ~After Story~ was going to be 24 episodes, I thought the After Story would in fact take all those episodes. But now, I think the After Story might be at most 6~8 episodes, IF the remaining arcs are four episodes long like this one…which makes me a bit unexcited for the next few episodes until the real After Story starts…

I won’t say much, but Misae, Komura, and Kappei’s arcs weren’t as ‘dramatic’ as Mei/Youhei arc or the ones before…so CLANNAD ~After Story~ might not reach the bar people set up after this episode…but we’ll see what KyoAni does.

One thought on “CLANNAD ~After Story~ – Friendship

  1. But at the end of the day, Youhei will still be that comedic loser everyone will make fun of…

    Not to us Youhei fans. Though…that fact will never change among the characters themselves. ^^

    One of my favorite arcs that tugged my emotional string hard. :)

    And…I’m actually looking forward to Misae’s story. Sigh… It’s tough being a sap.

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