13 thoughts on “The White Devil VS The 501th Battalion Squad

  1. OMG the 1st video is awesome!!! The creator must have memorized scenes from both shows to be able to create that vid. Btw, which anime is that girl from? The one who opposed the Strike Witches in vid 1? Lol, she went solo and won. (:

  2. Nanoha from Nanoha Strikers = Instant Win.
    I only see one person who could defeat a serious Nanoha, and that is a serious Fate.

    But then again, since they are experts in completely different fields I don´t know how Fate would be able to defeat Nanoha. I just don´t.

    Multiple Starlight Breakers aimed at the same or multiple targets is a scary thought.

    Give me something I didn´t already know :)

  3. @Hynavian: That girl would be Takamachi Nanoha from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series, if you liked that, then you’ll love Nanoha! ^_^

    Don’t let the title or cover art fool you, this anime is actually pretty deep for a ‘mahou shoujo’.


    Multiple Starlight Breakers aimed at the same or multiple targets is a scary thought.

    And the fact that she aimed those Starlight Breakers at her ‘daughter’ Vivio is even scarier! The parenting ways of the White Devil is extreme!

  4. A tender care for her child. Full Starlight Breaker attack…

    But she did grow up to be alright so I guess it was ok.

    Imagine if she maxed that attack out? You don´t want to be on the receiving end of that :p

  5. You know what? I just recalled that in ACe Strikers they have Reinforce that they can join with to further increase their magic powers…

    Nanoha unleashes a Starlight Breaker without Reinforce…

    Try to imagine what would happen if she joined up with Reinforce to make Starlight breaker have a touch of ice elemental damage as well? IT would be even more freaking awesome than the tripple Starlight Breaker she pulls of on Vivio :)

  6. @manga: I thought she did max out her attack, she did say “Full Power”! ^_^’

    If Nanoha joins with Reinforce, then she’ll destroy the world if she unleashes her Starlight Breaker!!

    But Reinforce can only join up with the Belkan Knights and Hayate…

  7. THen it´s weird that Agito can join up with basically everyone she desires or not :p As she joined up with Signum. Oh well. Anyway it wasn´t a battle to begin with here.

    And with maxed out I meant more heads that could fire of Starlight Breaker :)

  8. @manga: Agito is a special case, she was experimented in a lab so maybe that’s why she can join with anyone. There isn’t really much information on the unison devices…so I’m too sure about Rein and Agito…>_>

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