CLANNAD ~After Story~ – Invincible Imouto Power

Damn, the “Onii-chan” is such a fearsome and contradicting attack! ^_^

But I’m glad how this is playing out. I thought it would be a little weird having Mei-chan’s route after they already met Sanae-san and I was wondering how they were gonna pull it off. KyoAni is getting better and better at being able to weave the plots and making them ‘fit’. Can’t wait to see the drama part of this arc! ^_^

Hmm…I might get used to this poll thing! ^_^

5 thoughts on “CLANNAD ~After Story~ – Invincible Imouto Power

  1. Well, we’re already getting a taste for the drama. I had low expectations going into this one since the 2nd episode just seemed a bit strange and stale, but with Mei pouring out her backstory in the 2nd half of episode 3, things are definitely looking up!

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