Trying out this Poll Thingy Majig

WordPress just added this new feature for us, and if you haven’t guessed it, it’s polls! ^_^

Truthfully though, I’m not one for polls, I mean I vote on them…but I suck at making them…as you can tell by that attempt up there >_> Anyways, just trying this thing out this new feature…vote if you like…

5 thoughts on “Trying out this Poll Thingy Majig

  1. Actually, you’ve been able to use PollDaddy to make polls for a few months now but had to go to their website to make one and bring the code back manually. Now it’s integrated into writing a post. I’m going to want to try this out soon.

    And I also suck at making polls.

  2. That’s what I meant by ‘new feature’, the polls are now integrated into the posts and people won’t have to go through all of that.

    And since it’s now a few easy clicks away, I’m guessing we’ll see polls all over the place! ^_^

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