Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – Peew peew peew…

put your hand up!

Okay…I officially announce Katagiri Yuuhi the cutest thing this season!! I may be jumping the gun here, but dammit that was just too damn cute! ^_^

This time around we get our oujo-sama experiencing for the first time ‘the commoner’s way’ of doing things…from shopping to cooking…another overly used plot…but I find myself enjoying it…even if it’s the required accidental bewb groping. I’m prepared for more generic plot line as next episode seems to be that test of courage thing…also Yuuhi mentioned something about Junichi and Minato not really being siblings…I REALLY hope that was just a joke on Yuuhi’s part…>_>

Also, are my senses wrong or did I sense some yuri from Ayanokouji Karen?

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