Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – Peew peew peew…

put your hand up! Okay…I officially announce Katagiri Yuuhi the cutest thing this season!! I may be jumping the gun here, but dammit that was just too damn cute! ^_^ This time around we get our oujo-sama experiencing for the first time ‘the commoner’s way’ of doing things…from shopping to cooking…another overly used plot…but I […]

Kemeko DX – Eh?

I’m with you Tamako-chan! Let me try to figure out what the hell I just watched… Let’s see there was a bride robot kicking major mechanized ass… An overly sized rice cooker abducting a kid… An absurd and EPIC battle between the rice cooker and robo bride… Fanservice from an expressionless ‘denpa’ blue haired girl […]