Kyou no Go no Ni – De ja vu

Not really a good first episode since most of it had thing I’ve already seen in the OVA’s…>_> But the scenes not from the OVA were ‘OK’…not as funny as I thought it would be though…

But what sucks is that the ecchi-na element, one of the elements that made Kyou no Go no Ni awesome because our minds twisted it, has been watered down…don’t know if all episodes will be watered down a bit…but it’ll suck if I DON’T GET MY LOLI PANTSU!! >_<

Also, the character design change was a bit weird at first…but since they’re fifth graders, the new loli-ish/shouta-ish designs fit nicely! {Umm…that screen shot is not the true new design.} I’ll be sticking with this for a while as I’m curious as to what they’ll do once they run out things from the OVA.

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