CLANNAD ~After Story~ – GAR for Yuusuke

Oh how I’ve missed CLANNAD’s great sense of humor. That dash of laughs it added to counter the drama was what really made CLANNAD work…well, at least for me. Starting the new season that way is a good way to slowly get us back to “CLANNAD mode” and work up to the drama. And it’s great how all the major players came out to play, from main character Okazaki to moe side character Mei-chan! Pit them together and you get a great episode filled with laughter!

And the laughs will continue to come as next episodes seems to be the Youhei X Sanae date! ^_^ Though, I wonder how they make it work out since that date was to ‘convince’ Mei that Youhei is doing ‘good’…I can’t wait for the next episode!

5 thoughts on “CLANNAD ~After Story~ – GAR for Yuusuke

  1. The first episode of the new Clannad was great it was funny, but gave us enough hints at things to come to make it seem like it wasn’t just filler. I have my full post on the first episode of Clannad After Story up so check it out…

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