Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – Better than I thought

I saw it coming…but I still felt it!!

So we get yet another Visual Novel to anime, um, anime. And first episode is pretty much what you’ll expect from that type of anime. But despite it’s generic-ness, I thought it was pretty good and funny! Didn’t expect to actually laugh while watching this harem anime so I’ll be giving this more chances, who knows, it might end up pretty good.

Also, I thought Kugimiya Rie was awesome in this first episode. I wasn’t sure it was actually her because her character, Katagiri Yuuhi, was so polite and nice and didn’t go all pissy until the end…where it made me realize it was in fact Kugimiya Rie! ^_^’

And I hope Nanoha Minato really is Junichi’s sister…don’t want none of that “but we’re not really siblings” deal…>_>

I think I’m the only one who thought Minato saying “Tsukasa” was funny…
Minato = Hirano Aya = Konata

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