ToraDora! – Teh Rie doesn’t get old

Wow, the guys are having bad first episodes! One would think I would get tired of Kugimiya Rie playing yet another small tsundere loli with a temper problem…but seeing that I managed to finish “Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo” riding on Rie power, I think that won’t ever be the case! I won’t have […]

HYAKKO – Promoting Delinquency

So first episode we get ditching classes, interrupting classes, eating during class hours, assaulting teachers, and vandalism…hmm, I think I may like this anime! ^_^ Other pluses: Hirano Aya & “Comedic Slice of Life”, I think I’m set for the Slice of Life anime of the fall. But more are welcomed! ^_^ Kyou no Go […]