Code Geass R2

The infamous anime and trainwreck known as “Code Geass R2” has ended it’s mind r@ping run. And honestly, I thought it was a very good ending. But of course, being a Code Geass episode, the ending leaves some questions unanswered, but with an ending like this…I’m willing to let some of the questions go. ^_^

For a ‘mecha’ anime that I just picked up in order to have more mecha anime under my belt, this anime ended up being one of the most entertaining anime I’ve seen recently. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve seen an anime as entertaining as this one. I don’t think I’ve seen an anime that kept me interested and guessing at what’s going to happen next or constantly keeping me at the edge of my seat.

But if there’s one thing that really kept me interested in Code Geass, then it’s Lelouch himself. He was such an interesting character. For the longest time I couldn’t make out if he was the ‘good guy’ or the ‘bad guy’ of the anime. The ‘good’ side of him wanted to change the world in order to give his sister Nunnally a peaceful world where they don’t have to fear assassins nor have to run away. And that’s quite a goal for a normal High School Student {denounced prince}.

But once he got the power of the gods…geass, he turned a bit more evil…or to put it better, twisted. He would do ANYTHING to achieve his goal, from forcing people to obey him, to sacrificing his men and followers. All under a mask to hide everything from the person he’s doing it for.

And even after Lelouch “lost” his reason for doing what he was doing. Things still going strong. Instead of just giving up and abandoning his plan, he made it so he would at least kill the person who changed to world to it’s state, his father King Charles. And even after achieving that goal he still planned on changing the world…even if it meant sacrificing his name and self. Up ’till the end, he lied to everyone in order to give them a better world to live in.

Overall, Code Geass was a very good anime. I’m well aware that there’s plenty of plot holes and a whole lot more confusion, but I can’t deny that Code Geass R2 was so enjoyable and entertaining…in fact, I want to proclaim it Best Anime of 2008 {riding on entertainment alone} even thought the Fall is well on it’s way! ^_^

Awesome! But it needs less Guren Nishiki and MOAR Kallen…

That’s more like it! STRIKE WITCHI-FIED FTW!!

I may not be a fan of the huge bewbs…but dammit I wanna [CENSORED] Kallen! >_<

Eh? Um…this is getting weird so I’ll end with this…>_>


And what’s with people saying Lelouch is that cart driver? Yeah, C.C may be “looking his way” during her self talking, but that origami crane is also in that direction…so she might just be talking to the crane, which people say symbolized her and Lelouch’s relationship. If Lelouch was alive, I probably would dislike this anime for making his death meaningless…>_> I’ll just let them believe what they want, just like I’ll believe he’s dead.

9 thoughts on “Code Geass R2

  1. HAHA he is dead its just idiots over analyzing things i may b worng i just gotta rewatch the ending but i know that she iz tlking to him like she did lady marion(luls mother) in her mind basicly she can tlk to any one who has entered a contract w/ that has died!!!!!

  2. HAHA i like how u think though u know a good anime when u see one! but sadly code geass wont end like that! theres still that matter of C.C. still being alive and she is the only one who can spread the gease around so i thenk the story will continue diff time diff place diff pllz till she finds someone to fufli her contract! HAHA! wut do u think???

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  4. … The second-last photo has… made meh go insane.
    but.. I hope that there will be an OVA, (unless there is already) for I miss Lelouch..

  5. I may be over thinking this but this is my analysis that he is alive reasoning as followed (i believe produces made this intentional) be warned this is long

    lelouch was the driver of the cart (since there was a crane in the hay most likely from nunally, cc’s character doesn’t seem sentimental so she wouldn’t keep it ) apparently somehow lelouch gets the emperor code and since they must die first for it to activate so that’s why they had him die in front of everyone ( the idea of dieing before it activates comes from charles, since he was first influenced by lelouchs geass in the sword of … and he killed himself, then after it doesn’t work that’s assuming that it did actually work)

    from wikipedia “Writer Ichirō Ōkouchi explains that Lelouch’s death was the price Lelouch needed to pay to create his better world. In addition, the name “Lelouch vi Britannia” is included in the magazine’s final death list.”

    Lelouch vi Britannia is dead ….. what about Lelouch Lamperouge?

    Odd conciednce also the r sound like L meaning L2
    and that Lelouch’s alias as Lelouch Lamperouge is LL or L2.

    i wondering if the writer was intending for us to relise these facts or if they were completely by accident that these things unfolded so nicely

    this solution solves both the problem of him “seeing his life before his eyes” (because he actually die the first time). Although thats considering the fact that saying that “Lelouch vi Britanian is dead” is a symbolic type thing like “he cast of his old name and blah blah blah living with c2 blah” Anyway that’s just a bunch of conspiracy things iv put together. In the deleted sceens there was a moment where you saw the cartdrivers face and it looked like lelouch. Usually when they put stuff on the deleted scenes part they were planing on putting it in just it was either to long, or it ruined something. My guess is that it ruined the interpretation thing that the writers wanted at the end (ie the whole “make it up yourself if hes alive or not”)

  6. Good take on the series. Yeah I understand how this series stepped on its own episode endings regularly.

    I also understand the grayness of who to root for, especially LeLouch. All the alliances got muddy. Too muddy IMO.

    Anyway, I too did a take on each season. They have a lot of pics and perhaps some wit. Check them out, I would like your opinion on them:

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