Aniplex’s Crackdown Affected Me Too!


…”In related news, online users in North America are reporting this month that they have received notices from their Internet service providers for allegedly sharing the anime Sekirei on BitTorrent. The notices are reportedly being spurred by letters sent by the copyright tracking firm BayTSP on behalf of a different Japanese production company, Aniplex. While an Aniplex representative has confirmed with ANN that that the company uses BayTSP, Aniplex is verifying if Sekirei is included in that arrangement. In a separate matter, BayTSP had acknowledged last November that it accidentally sent notices on behalf of Odex to users outside Singapore.

Anime News Network

Well, I never thought something like this would happen to me, but for the last few day I haven’t had internet. I called up the ISP and they said that my connection was blocked because of a complaint from Aniplex…something about how I was downloading copyrighted materials…in this case Sekirei…which I dropped three of four weeks ago and haven’t even thought about ’till now. {I found out it was my younger brother who downloaded the last four episodes…}

I wondered why my internet connection wasn’t working because of one anime, but it seems the crackdown has been going on for a while now. I dunno what I’m gonna do about the fall anime where Aniplex is involved…*sigh*

Oh by the way…I didn’t get no letter from BayTSP or anything, the connection was just cut off. I think I got off easy!! ^_^ My ISP said that if this happens two more times, three strikes and you’re out rule, then thing will get complicated. I dunno what the consequences will be, but I do know the account will be suspended…so I gotta be weary about what is being downloaded…

I complied with what my ISP said and deleted the Sekirei episode…really just one, #12. I’ll be talking to my brother, and people using my connection, about this for sure.

7 thoughts on “Aniplex’s Crackdown Affected Me Too!

  1. Now may be a good time to ditch Bittorrent, try grabbing stuff from direct download sites (like Lolipower (.org)) or get them from IRC. It’s way, way too easy for companies to track who’s connected to a torrent, but they have to get the logs from the servers to see who’s downloading from http or IRC. They’re not going to get those without a court order, so it’s a lot safer. At least for now.

  2. Yeah, my question is, is Sekirei the only show? What shows are unkosher? Gintama, Bleach, and Naruto all have Aniplex involved in their production tangentally if I remember right, and the sub groups that sub them seem to stick mostly to BT as a distribution method.

  3. @Raving Otaku: I guess IRC will be the best option since Direct Downloads are kinda hard to find…

    @Jobrill: From the forum link up there, these anime also seem to be blacklisted:

    –Tetsuwan Birdy Decode
    –Soul Eater
    –Naruto Shippūden
    –Jigoku Shoujo Season 3
    –Persona: trinity soul
    –Among others

    If you want to ‘safely’ continue watching these, then I guess you gotta do what Raving Otaku recommended to do…

  4. i got notice from BayTSP for downloading Tetsuwan Birdy: Decode. Iam in Czech Republic and iam certain that they dont have this anime licensed in my country, i would say its just harrasment, but thanks to this notice i burried torrent and started using Rapidshare.

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