Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo

The third season of Zero no Tsukaima was just as I expected, “meh”. It seems when I have my expectations for an anime set very low, I can take it’s crappiness a bit better. If I had high expectations for this third season…this post would be filled with rage.

I don’t have much to say about Zero no Tsukaima as it’s an anime that keeps going down the drain as the seasons go by. I thought the first season was good, the second okay, and this one meh. Mostly because it’s just the same ol Louise X Saito Relationship crap that keeps repeating. You would’ve thought after three season and being confessed to by Saito a few times Louise would treat him better and believe him when it comes to girls with bewbs…and Saito would’ve learned his lesson when it comes to touching said girls with bewbs… >_>

With the introduction of Tiffania, who brought Saito back to life at the end of the second season, I thought things would get interesting with the elves or Void users…but Tiffana was just a plot device to make Louise jealous and repeat that Louise X Saito cycle. Tiffania was pretty much useless and didn’t play any other role other than filling the role of yet another character with huge udders to entice Saito…what a waste of Noto Mamiko goodness…Tiffania will probably have something to do come season 4…yeah, I pretty much expect a fourth season.

At least there was SOME story about the Void users and Tabitha’s past…but nothing to go fanboy-ish about…well, that naked Rhinne dragon was awesome! ;)

Overall…seeing as I was in it for teh Rie and teh Louise…I wasn’t really into the story at all…sorry Tabitha, you may have been the main ‘focus’, but meh. I was watching this for the sake of completion…and if, or when, the fourth season comes, I’m sure I’ll be unenthusiastically watching it too…


…maybe I’m becoming masochist…>_>

By the way, what’s Rondo? O_o

14 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo

  1. i enjoyed season 1 and 2 but i was rather disappointed at season 3. too much ecchiness and the early episodes basically have no advancement to the story at all.

    and finally question, why is every girls in the story so attracted to saito? :-/

  2. i personally think that the 3rd season is ok. I’m in the process of watching it. i haven’t watched the 1st or 2nd season before that. (i know i’m horrible) but i think i’ll try goin back to first and second later on.

  3. I don’t know what your saying All the episodes are great! The forth will be the bestest yet! BTW I hope they make a season 4! If they don’t then…THAT WILL BE THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN!!! omfg they better or else, or else…I’ll make them… heh

  4. I LIKED ALL THE SEASONS EQUALLY. Jk :p First season was the best, but second season had the BEST ending. X.X I watched the second season’s last episode like three times. I liked season 3 too. Yeah it did the Louise whips Saito a lot, but I still liked it. This is my fave anime :3!

  5. I like the end of season 2. o_o it was like really dramatic. season 3 was kind of stupid, all it was was louise getting mad at saito because the other girls were hanging all over him O-e;;; but… i still like all the seasons i guess :\ meh… its already july, i wonder if a season 4 will come… i’ve been looking around and everyone’s opinions are different. some people think that everythings been resolved so they cant have another season, while on the other hand people think they need more episodes to actually defeat the enemy… although i’m not sure if this kind of anime is totally based around that >.>… lol. -shrugs- me dunno. i guess we’ll find out pretty soon, eh?
    and yeah… what IS rondo? O-e; o__o;

  6. love this series but i must agree its going downhill
    season 2 had the best ending cause saito died!
    as for when new seasons come out
    look at the work the voice actors do on other series
    then you can predict when the next season could be made

    anyway with shakugan no shana season 3 comming up we will have to wait for season four

    and a Rondo good question i dont know XD

  7. I thought all of them were pretty good, and the ending to the second season was really depressing. But putting that aside, I don’t think there will be a season four because if you look at the last scene of season three it says “The End.”

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