Special A

Special A started out pretty good, well most anime do…and seemed like it would have a nice streak of funny and entertaining episodes. But after the first few episodes the Hikari X Kei ordeal was getting pretty bland and boring. The same ‘ol Hikari hardheadedness was getting tiresome. I think lots of poeople dropped it because of that, and I too wanted to drop it…but I have a high tolerance level and was curious in seeing some story regarding the other S.A members.

Good thing I stuck around becuase the second half of the anime was very good. With the introduction of Yahiro, a much needed bad guy for the S.A, things started to get good. Of course, Yahiro was just acting like a bad guy to ‘protect’ Akira and what not, but the fact that Megumi, the cute quiet girl who really didn’t do much, figured it out during their ‘date’ made things that much more interesting because she seemed to fall for him! ^_^ Also, this Yahiro ordeal helped things move ahead with Akira and Tadashi.

After that arc, I thought things would get stale again, but Sakura came into the picture and added more entertainment by bringing out some back story, and another personality, from Jun, another stale uninteresting character who didn’t do much. It was pretty entertaining seeing this other side of Jun and more so seeing the Hikari infatuated Akira go lovey lovey for him!! ^_^

Overall, Special A was pretty good! It started on a good note and it stumbled during the first half, but it managed to pick itself up and continue the story by focusing on other characters and finishing off the second half in a satisfying way. Although the ending felt pretty rushed, in my opinion, I thought it was done really well. And Yay for the much needed Hikari X Kei Kiss! ^_^

FINAL NOTE: Poor Furry lovin Ryuu didn’t get to couple up with anyone…

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