53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Song {Summer ’08}

I felt like doing another Top 10 Anime song list because both my Top 10 Anime Song {OP Version} and {ED Version} are too static. They probably won’t change even if I listen to new songs. So, I decided I would pick my top 10 Anime Songs of the past season, be it OP or ED! And Unlike those static lists, I think it would be better if there weren’t so many rules. Just one is plentiful.

Only OP or ED songs from PREVIOUS season.

It’s ambiguous because I can choose songs from carried over anime, one that started in the Spring but continues on to Summer! ^_^ Hehehe~ That gives me more choices to choose from. Since it’s almost the fall season, I choose songs from the Summer Season {and some from the Spring.}

10. Fukuen Misato – Bookmark Ahead

| Strike Witches ED |

I’ll start off with a fun song from Strike Witches. Honestly, I didn’t know which song to put at my number 10 spot since there were a few I wanted to mention, but I just couldn’t resist leaving off this song. It’s a fun song that is sung by different seiyuu every episode of Strike Witches. The only one I’ve heard the full length from is from Miyafuji’s seiyuu…Fukuen Misato. And it very good! I’m curious as to what the other seiyuu would sound like in their version. Here’s hoping to their releases!

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09. Nishino Kana – Style.

| Soul Eater ED |

Up next is another fun song, this time from Soul Eater. I’ll be honest thought, at first I didn’t like this song due to it’s cutesy nature…but after listening to it a few times, I started to like it more and more. Especially after the episode where Maka makes friends with Chrona, the ED sequence with loli Maka and Chrona was pretty awesome and fit the episode very nicely! I guess it was after that I started to like the song more and more.

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08. Himemiya Milan & Chocolate Rockers – Tomadoi BitterTune

| Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu OP |

Woah! Lookie here, a song full of sexual innuendos! ^_^ Well, actually, that’s what I think ’cause I’m a perv… >_> You might get another message outta it…but we can agree “Tomadoi BitterTune” is an addictive song! The same thing can be said about “Hitosashi Yubi Quiet!”, in fact I was going to give it the number 10 spot, but I ended up liking Bookmark Ahead just a tad bit more. But I would also recommend you also pay a listen to the upbeat song “Hitosashi Yubi Quiet!” If upbeat songs aren’t for you, then “Tomadoi BitterTune” and it’s suggestive lyrics might!

P.S: I should probably finish Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu for the sake of finishing it…>_>

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07. THYME – Fly Away

| Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ OP |

Alright, enough of cutesy upbeat songs. It’s time for a nice slower song with some rock to balance things out. I haven’t heard much from THYME, just this single and that first OP for To-LOVE-Ru, “together we can make it”, which in also quite good. But what I really like from “Fly Away” is that it matches the feel of the anime slow pace and calm setting, something that not many anisongs do. It’s a pretty good song to listen while just taking it easy.

06. Hayami Saori – Kaze ga Nanika wo Iou Shiteru

| Wagaya no Oinari-sama ED |

I dunno how many of you would recognize this song, or anime, but if there’s one thing you should know, is that this song is sung by a 17 year old girl…the Seiyuu of Kou, Hayami Saori. And if you listen to the song, you’ll be blown away by this girl’s voice and talent. In fact, it’s because of her voice alone that she was able to make it this high in my list, the song is also great itself. I’ll be looking out for this new seiyuu and her work.

05. AAA – ZERO

| World Destruction OP |

This was one of the few singles I was anticipating this season. World Destruction isn’t that great of an anime, but it’s rock and bass filled opening song, “ZERO”, is awesome! At first, it was a bit weird listening to that Japanese rap that jumps up towards the end…but in time I got used to it. But what I won’t get used to is that hippy cover art…seriously “ZERO” sure as hell doesn’t give off that hippy feeling. {That first track of the single does however.} >_>

04. HEARTS GROW – Sora

| Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE OP |

Here’s and Opening Song that I like so much and I HAVE NOT seen the anime…let alone the Opening Sequence. Also, I haven’t heard much from HEARTS GROW, other than the #3 spot, so I got this single on impulse based on #3. Long story short, it’s was a good impulse because this song is pretty good! I’ll look into HEARTS GROW a bit more! ^_^ I probably watch “Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE” sometime…

03. HEARTS GROW – Kasanaru Kage

| Gintama OP |

I’ve been listening to this song way before I got to see it’s debut in Gintama. Like I’ve said up there in the #4 spot, I don’t know much from HEARTS GROW and this is the first song I’ve heard from them. I wanted to see what other OP Gintama had so I got most of them, and it instantly became my favorite OP from Gintama. I was going to add “Gin Iro no Sora” by redballong here, which I recommend you pay a listen to, but this song ended up being awesome-er.

02. Hirano Aya – Unnamed World

| Nijuu Mensou no Musume ED |

“Unnamed World” has got to be one of Hirano Aya’s better songs…quite possible her best song yet. She sings this song in that sexy low tone voice that is highly liked by the majority of Hirano Aya fans…think “God Knows…” and “Lost my Music”. I haven’t caught up with Nijuu mensou no Musume, but this song has been raping my playlist since it came out!

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering why a Hirano Aya song is ranked so high, you can blame my Hirano Aya infatuated fan-boy in me! ;)

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01. Sheryl Nome starring May’n – Diamond Crevasse

| Macross Frontier ED |

This is quite possibly the BEST song in Macross Frontier, an anime filled with lost of good songs. Also, this song is one reason why I like Sheryl more than Ranka…musically wise. Sheryl sings more mature serious songs while Ranka sing more poppy up-beat songs. And although I do like pop-ish sounding songs, I like songs with meaning a lot more…which is why “Diamond Crevasse” is my favorite song of the summer season.

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Well, that’s about it, my favorite Anime song of the Summer Season, with a few carry overs from the Spring. I’ll probably be doing this coming the fall season…but we’ll see if I’m motivated enough…>_>

9 thoughts on “53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Song {Summer ’08}

  1. The lack of Natsume Yuujinchou is something to be said, especially when the ED is pretty damn good. As for Unnamed World, lose the engrish and maybe we’ll talk :D

  2. Ouch, that’s a shame because I actually enjoyed that song quite a bit. Enough to write a review on my site at any rate. I probably should do something like this, except for all the Fall shows, of which there are just too many good ones out there that my hard drive will cry out for mercy.

  3. @zzeroparticle: I haven’t seen Natsume Yuujinchou, but I’ve heard both the OP and the ED, and in my opinion the OP is a lot better than the ED.

    It seems we have some musical taste clash here, in music that’s almost always the case, so I’ll look forward to seeing how your list and my fall list will differentiate! :)

  4. I actually prefer Northern Cross when it comes to Sheryl songs but Diamond Crevasse played out nicely in episode 19. But yeah, my top picks are whatever Ranka sings wwww

  5. Well, I can tell you right now that Clannad’s OP is deserving of a high score. Its ED… not so much. Also, I’ve thrown a review of Rosario to Vampire’s OP/ED and needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed since it is Nana Mizuki after all and I expected better.

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